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Brickwall Limiter TM115

Extremely fast Brickwall-Limiter

The TM115 is a brick-wall limiter that is optimized for fast and inaudible regulation of peaks in the range of several dB. The extremely fast attack time of 20 µsec protects devices connected to the output against overload effectively and makes it possible to use the full dynamic range of A/D converters.

Due to the attack and release controls with huge ranges, the TM115 peak limiter can also be used as hard-clip compressor or post compressor very well.

  • Brickwall-Limiter
  • can be used as Limiter or aggresive Compressor
  • Threshold -10 to +20 dB
  • very fast Attack
  • Release from 0.05 to 3 s
  • Ratio 50:1 over 10 dB
  • Headroom + 30 dBu
  • Dynamic Range
    124 dBA/121 dBRMS
Peak Limiter Peak Limiter TM115
The TM115 is a feedforward controlled brickwall limiter that uses a special, ultra fast peak rectifier circuitry. The attack time is extremely fast. When set to the minimum of 20 µsec, the peak limiter reacts within the first half wave of a 20 kHz sine wave. With fast attack setting and an adapted release time, the TM115 can catch peaks of 3 to 5 dB without audible side effects like pumping. The possible regulation range is determined by the release time setting that is limited to a range below the release time of the human ear, which is in the range of 0.3 sec per 10 dB. If the release time is longer, pumping occurs. Unfortunately, fast release time results in regulation within the period time of low frequency signals, which causes distortion. Another physical limitation for the maximum gain reduction without negative side effects is the attack distortion of bass signals using fast attack time settings. Check out the TM115b Peak-Limiter, that offers additional features for better handling of these problems with critical signals.

These physical and physiological effects determine the limits for the maximum gain reduction and end up in a compromise between acceptable low frequency distortion, attack distortion of bass signals, and audible pumping. Finally, yet importantly, the possible release time is also depending on the spectral density of low frequencies. The higher the low frequency levels are, the lower is the possible gain reduction without audible side effects.

The peak limiter operates free from any colorization of the audio signal or similar effects. The sound will not changes under regulation.

The device has independent controls for the Threshold and the Attack- and Release time. The threshold can be adjusted in the range from - 10 dB to + 20 dB. The 0 dB position is internally calibrated. The attack control allows variation from 20 µsec to 7 ms; the release time control has a range from 50 ms to 3 sec.

Due to the huge control ranges of all parameters, the peak limiter is well suited to be used as a 'hard-clip' compressor with slower attack settings as well. With this mode, the TM115 behaves like a compressor with a high ratio setting, which operates 'close' to the signal. Combining a TM115 with another compressor can increase the loudness gain significantly.

The fastest release time is 50 ms. This fast setting cannot be used with low frequency signals due to the high distortion under regulation by the physical effects, described in detail above; however, mid and high frequency signals can benefit from such short release setting very well. The signal density becomes very high, while the attack setting determines the transient response.

The TM115 is a 2U ToolMod device that fits into all ToolMod frames. As usual, horizontal and vertical versions are available.

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ToolMod Manual addition to the standard application of an overload protection limiter that should be used only with gain reductions of a few dB, the TM115 Limiter can be used creatively, since the control ranges of attack and release time are more than appropriate for a low distortion limitation of bass sounds with long time constants..

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