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3 Band Equalizer TM107

The compact Equalizer that covers a huge range of highly qualified sound processing

The compact Equalizer TM107 combines 3 bands with different characterics. A bell type low eq with selectable q-factor that reaches down to 15 Hz for clear but voluminous lows and a sweeped, shelving high filter with steepness select and a sweep range up to 40 kHz for silky or concise highs are completed by a fully parametric mid band, based on adt-audio's active Vienna Bridge principle, with a sweep range from 100 Hz to 10 kHz.
  • 3-Band-EQ
  • Boost/Cut Range
    12 or 20 dB
  • Low EQ - Bell
    15 to 400 Hz
    Q 2 or 0.7 oct.
  • Mid EQ - Bell
    fully parametric
    0.1 to 10 kHz
    Q 3 oct. to a third
  • Hi-EQ - Shelf
    1 to 40 kHz
    6 or 12 dB/oct.
  • Headroom + 30 dBu
  • Dynamic Range
    124 dBA/131 dBRMS
3 Band EqualizerTM107 3-Band-EQ, horizontal Version, 20 dB Range
The combination of a fully parametric, Vienna Bridge based mid band, a shelving high band with steepness selection, and a sweeped, bell type low band with q-factor selection makes the TM107 compact ToolMod Equalizer a very effective tool for versatile sound processing at a reasonable price.

The steepness selection of the shelving High Equalizer in combination with the huge sweep range up to 40 kHz offers a wide range of different sound processing options at the upper end of the audio band as well as in the mid range. With 12 dB steepness and settings above 25 kHz, silky luster colors of the upper highs are possible. The 6 dB steepness produces very soft upper highs and high mids. Around 12 kHz, the high eq controls the 'pressure' in the high frequency range effectively. Depending on the steepness setting, the processing becomes more or less aggressive. Due to the range down to 1 kHz the high equalizer can also be used in the lower mid range effectively.

The Mid Equalizer is identical to the fully parametric mid bands used in our large format console modules. It offers a huge sweep range for the center frequency from 100 Hz to 10 kHz combined with an independent q-factor control that allows the variation of the bandwidth from 3 octaves down to a third. The tonal qualities of the 'Vienna bridge' equalizer maintains neutral, musical sound performance, free from side effects and distortion also with extreme settings.

By the bell characteristic of the Low Equalizer subsonic disturbances are not boosted automatically when boosting low frequencies. The additional high-pass filter that is usually used to cover this problem is not necessary. This improves the phase response that suffers from the high pass filter. Voluminous but lucent bass equalization with a big 'belly' are possible. The control range down to 15 Hz allows extreme settings as well. The q-factor selector switches from a wide bandwidth of several octaves to a bandwidth of a third.

The compact ToolMod equalizer uses all available space on the faceplate of the 2U module for controls. Like all other ToolMod units the TM107 can handle levels of + 30 dBu; its dynamic range is more than 120 dBRMS.

The equalizer is available with +/- 20 dB or +/- 12 dB boost/cut range. It fits in all available ToolMod Frames. Horizontal and vertical versions are available for both versions.

3 Band Equalizer 12 dBTM107 3-Band-EQ, horizontal Version, 12 dB Range

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vertical VersionTM107 3-Band-EQ, vertical Version, 20 dB Range
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