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An overview on the ToolMod Dynamics Modules.

ToolMod offers a M/S Stereo Mastering Compressor, versatile Mono & Stereo Compressors, Mono and Stereo Limiters, and a Noise-Gate.

The ToolMod Stereo Mastering modules are here

TM132 - M/S Stereo Mastering Compressor
M/S Stereo Mastering Compressor TM132
M/S mastering compressor with special features for real M/S compression and a rich feature set. The M/S stereo mastering compressor offers high loudness gain, 6 Crest factor settings, envelope circuit for problem-free low frequency compression, integrated parallel compression, Hue filter to alter the compression in the mid / high range, and a Color circuit to add harmonics. The integrated L/R-M/S matrix stages make it possible to use the module in M/S mode with standard L/R stereo signals.
Price excl. of VAT and Shipping TM132 - € 1650.00 / TM132b - € 1450.00
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TM222 - Stereo Mastering Compressor
Stereo Mastering Compressor TM222
The stereo mastering compressor TM222 includes many features of the compressor section of the very special V700 mastering dynamics section U796. These functions offer solutions for the physical limitations of compression and improve the possible loudness gain as well as they reduce pumping and low frequency distortion. A hex crest selector allows to adapt the characteristics of the stereo mastering compressor to the audio signal precisely. Massive loudness gain of 10 dB or more are possible with an appropriate setting of all parameters.
Price excl. of VAT and Shipping € 830.00
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TM112b - versatile VCA Compressor TM212b - versatile Stereo VCA-Compressor
VCA Compressor TM112b
Versatile all purpose vca compressor TM112b with variable Crest factor setting from fast peak to RMS, envelope for problem-free bass compression, soft knee, integrated parallel compression, auto release, autogain, and a balanced side chain insert. The most flexible ToolMod mono compressor in the compact 2U module format.
Stereo VCA Compressor with parallel Compression TM212b
A stereo vca compressor in the compact ToolMod 2U module format. The TM212b comes with 3 different Crest factor settings, envelope for better bass compression, soft knee, and integrated parallel compression. With high loudness gain, compensation for negative side effects, and a wide variety of different characteristics this stereo compressor is a versatile stereo tool for any application.
Price excl. of VAT and Shipping € 475.00
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Price excl. of VAT and Shipping € 765.00
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TM115b - Peak Limiter TM215b - Stereo Mastering Peak Limiter
Mono Peak Limiter with additional Features TM115b
Very fast, feedforward controlled peak limiter with coarse and fine control for the treshold, static attack and release controls, low frequency attack circuit for compensating attack distortion, and dynamic release control for less problems with low frequency distortion with short release time settings.
Stereo Mastering Peak Limiter TM215b
The TM215b is a very fast stereo peak limiter that comes with additional features that are importing when using the limiter at the end of an analog mastering chain. Precise stereo matching, static and dynamic release controls, LF attack control in addition to the static attack for compensating of low frequency attack distortion, threshold coarse and fine adjustment and output gain control that does not alter the limiter setting are the most important features of this mastering limiter.
Price excl. of VAT and Shipping € 495.00
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Price excl. of VAT and Shipping € 625.00
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TM115 - Brickwall Limiter TM116 - Noise Gate with Filter
Brickwall Limiter TM115
The TM115 brickwall-limiter is an universal mono device that can be used for very fast peak limiting as well as a 'hardclip compressor' with slow attack time setting. Using the fastest attack time, the TM115 will react within the first period of a 20 kHz signal.
Noise Gate with Filters TM116
The TM116 offers a full set of controls for all parameters including an integrated, wide ranging high-pass and low-pass filter in the side chain. Balanced key output and input complete the function set. The TM116 is optimized to handle very criticle signals; it has an extremely fast attack time and operates click free, what makes the use with a kick drum and other critical signals very easy. The huge control ranges of all parameters allow extensive envelope processing with all kinds of signals.
Price excl. of VAT and Shipping € 295.00
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Price excl. of VAT and Shipping € 330.00
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TM112 - Compressor with special functions TM212 - Stereo Compressor
Compressor with special Functions TM112
The mono compressor TM112 offers a set of special functions that make it easy to deal with the common problems of compression, pumping, low frequency distortion and unsufficient loudness gain. The Crest switch let's you select the appropriate characteristics for the particular purpose, the Envelope control reduces LF distortion and is a useful tool for bass and kick drum compression while the Knee control makes it easy to achieve high loudness gain. With an appropriate setting, the TM112 can add 10 to 15 dB of loudness with almost any signal.
Stereo Compressor with special Functions TM212
The TM212 is the stereo version of the TM112. It offers the same performance and has almost the same feature set but no side chain insert due to a lack of connectors with the small 2U format that indeed offers the advantage of installing five stereo compressors in a 1U high frame. The stereo compressor is precisely adjusted to best possible tracking accuracy of both channels, which eliminates the common problem with all stereo coupled mono compressors.
Price excl. of VAT and Shipping € 360.00
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Price excl. of VAT and Shipping € 695.00
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TM215 - very fast Stereo Limiter
Stereo Mastering Peak Limiter
The stereo limiter is optimized for extremely fast operation and can block peaks in the range of 3 to 5 dB without audible side effects. The output gain control allows precise adjustment of the A/D converter's input level for best possible performance.
Price excl. of VAT and Shipping € 495.00
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