Power Supply Units for Tool Units

Power Supply Units for Pro Audio Gear

The ToolPwr series of power supply units are used for

  -  ToolMod Pro Audio Modules

  -  ToolMix analog Summing Gear

  -  ToolKit Channel Strip

  -  ToolMEq Multiband Equalizer,
      and other 1U high Pro Audio devices

The ToolMod Pro Audio System, the ToolKit Channel Strip, the analog summing devices of the ToolMix series as well as the additional Tool devices use external power supply units that are available in three different versions. All power supply units can be used with a mixed setup of several devices. A single power supply of appropriate capacity can be used for different members of the Tool family, which reduces the cost for the power supply from the second device on.

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    How to determine the right power supply unit? 
    Mains voltage and installation 
    Output pinning

Power Supply Unit ToolPwr-MToolPwr-M

The ToolPwr-M is a table top unit with a sufficient capacity for 2 to 3 ToolMod 1U high frames, 2 ToolKit Channel Strips or 2 ToolMix devices.

ToolPwr-M is well suited for a single frame or 1U high pro audio device. Accessories for rack-mounting are available as well brackets to fix the unit in a rack.

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ToolPwr-S is the standard power supply of the Tool series. The capacity is sufficient for 4 to 6 1U high frames or devices. The unit is a rack-mounted, 2U high device.

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Power Supply Unit ToolPwr S


The ToolPwr-E is the high capacity version of the ToolPwr-S that uses the same rack-mounted 2U high housing. The output power is sufficient for 8 to 12 1U high frames or units.

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ToolPwr E Top View


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