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The fully modular mixing system

The new adt-audio analog ToolMod Mixing Console fills the gap between the ToolMod Pro Audio Module System with its range of pre-amplifiers, processing-, and mastering devices and the ToolMix analog summing boxes with an affordable modular console system for all applications around a DAW.

The basic Features
The ToolMod analog mixing consoles offers:

  • 16 Audio Groups for recording and/or sub grouping
  • 8 auxiliaries ( 6 x mono + 1 stereo)
  • 1 stereo main master
  • 4 vca groups with fader versions that are automation ready

A range of modules, frames, and accessories let you configure an analog mixing console that fits exactly to your needs. Like the ToolMod pro audio modules, this console can start with only a few modules at low cost. You can upgrade and reconfigure at any time and end up with a fully fledged, large format, automated, analog mixing console.

Mono, inline and stereo input modules can be combined in any way. Special configurations for DAW analog mixing, recording and also for stem mixing are possible just by putting together an appropriate assortment of standard modules.

Of course, the ToolMod analog mixing console system offers superior sound performance like the other adt-audio Tool devices, together with the massive headroom of + 30 dBu throughout the entire system and more than 120 dBRMS line input/output dynamic range.

Side View of the Console Frame

The Input Modules
The module palette of the ToolMod Console is well adapted to the needs of todays use of analog audio systems all around a DAW and allows the configuration of basic line mixers at an attractive price as well as more complex consoles with inline modules. Separate fader modules make possible to add fader/mute automation features, just by selecting matching fader modules.

Three different input modules are available:

Fader modules in mono and stereo, with and without automation interface are also available, of course. The fader modules that are automation ready include a vca group features that can be used without automation computer if the vca group master module is installed.

The Master Modules
Only the TM411 master module is mandatory. One TM411 must be installed in a console. In addition, there are a control room module and a playback & talkback module. These 2 modules can be installed right next to the master module, but they are optional. If the functions of theses modules are not required, they can be simply omitted. They frame compartments for the control room unit and the playback/talkback module can be used for normal input modules as well. overview on the ToolMod Console Modules

The Frames
The basic frame is the 19" version that can house 11 modules in total. This frame can be used with 8 input modules, master, control room unit and playback/talkback module or with up to 10 input modules if the control room module and the playback/talkback device is not needed. Since there is not difference in the execution of the frame, it is possible to alter the assembly at any time.

Any number of frames can be linked to form a console with any number of input channels. Each additional 19" frame can house another 11 input modules.

In addition to the 19" version there are double-wide frames and triple-wide frames. The width of these frame is designed in a way, that the usual distance between two 19" racks is used for additional module slots. The double-wide frame can house up to 24 module and can be used as a 21 channel console with master, control room and playback unit, or as a 23 channel console with master module. The triple wide unit can hold up to 37 modules, which is sufficient for 34 channels and the full set of master modules or 36 channels and master. The double-wide and triple-wide frames are less expansive than 2 or 3 19" frames; furthermore, linking cables are not necessary. However, it is of course possible to link any frame version also to the double-wide and triple-wide frames. Any of the frames can be the main frame that contains the master modules. Matching double-wide and triple wide ToolMod frame are also available now.
... more on ToolMod Console Frames

The Metering
Apart from the ToolMod pro audio modules that fit perfectly together with the ToolMod Console, a special metering system is available. The meters are not mandatory, but they can be added at any time. Mono and stereo versions of LED PPM's and VU meters are available.
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The Power Supply
Three power supply units with different capacity are available for the ToolMod Console. Any of the units can also supply ToolMod Pro Audio Frames. No second power supply is necessary, when adding preamps, eq's and compressors.
... Information on Power Supply Units

Pre-Amps and Processing Gear
While the ToolMod pro audio modules fit perfectly together with the ToolMod Console, there is no reason why you should not use your exisiting gear as well. The inputs and outputs of the console modules can of course be used universally; the only necessary thing is a corresponding installation.

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The TM401 Inline Module with Audio Fader:
Inline Input Module TM402

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The ToolMod Console together with the pre-amps, eq's, and dynamics of the ToolMod system offer all features of a conventional large format console. The modular design makes it possible to focus on an appropriate number of input channels without the initial cost for frame, master section, metering, patch-bay, etc. of a conventional console. The entry cost is just a 19" frame, a power supply that can be used for other adt-audio Tool devices as well, and a master module, which is the only mandatory module of the entire system. Furthermore, the ToolMod Console is compatible with the ToolMix summing boxes that can be used to add more input channels.

Pro Audio Gear by adt-audo comes directly from our large format consoles and from the Integrator 'cassette' range of products. There is no difference as far as sound performance and technical specifications are concerned. Only the mechanical format is different.

30 years of experience in the design and construction of very high quality, professional audio equipment and analog audio mixing consoles went into adt-audio's range of pro audio gear. It is easy to comprehend that every single stage has been improved and optimized many times over many years. Permanent development and improvement result in a superior level of performance of all our equipment.