Stereo Mastering with
ToolMod Pro Audio Gear

The latest addition to the ToolMod system includes a range of analog pro audio gear for stereo mastering applications that offers many features of the V700 audio module system.

The Stereo Mastering Compressor TM222 offers many additional, very special functions to achieve loudness gain in the range of 10 or even 15 dB without loss of transients and naturality.

The combination with the Stereo Mastering Limiter TM215b is a perfect setup for dynamics processing of stereo signals.

The Stereo Mastering Equalizer TM205 combines soft, RC based high and low eq's for global corrections with 3 fully parametric equalizer bands that are best suited for subtle tone shaping and aggressive tonal surgery as well. The 4-Band Stereo Mastering EQ TM204 offers four fully parametric bands with bypass switches per band.

  • 4-Band fully parametric Mastering EQ with Bypass Switches per Band
  • Stereo Mastering Compressor
  • M/S Mastering Compressor
  • Stereo Mastering Peak Limiter
  • Mastering Sets with M/S Direction Mixer and elliptical Equalizer
  • comprehensive Range of Mastering Modules
  • elliptical Equalizer
  • Headroom + 30 dBu
  • Dynamic Range 120 dB

Stereo Mastering Set with 5-Band Mastering EQ, Mastering Compressor, and Stereo Peak Limter TM215b
ToolMod Mastering Set with, Stereo Mastering EQ, Stereo Compressor, and Mastering Limiter TM215b
Stereo Mastering Set with Limiter TM215
ToolMod Mastering Set with 5-Band Mastering Equalizer, and Mastering Compressor, and Limiter TM215
Stereo Mastering Set with M/S-Matrix, Equalizer, and Compressor
ToolMod Mastering Set with M/S Matrix, 5-Band Stereo-EQ, and Mastering Compressor
The M/S matrix TM130 completes the range of stereo mastering modules and combines format conversion from and to M/S, stereo base enhancement, direction control, and an elliptical equalizer to maintain a centered, mono compatible low frequency base. The image above shows a ToolMod mastering set that combines the M/S Matrix TM130 with equalizer and compressor.

The combination of the M/S matrix with the special M/S Equalizers and M/S Compressor offers the opportunity of very special treatment of the spatial image of the stereo signal with the Stereo M/S Processor.

ToolMod M/S Processor 4-Band M/S Equalizer, M/S Compressor, and with M/S Matrix with elliptic E
ToolMod M/S Processor with 4-Band M/S Equalizer, M/S Compressor, and M/S Matrix with elliptic EQ

ToolMod Stereo Mastering offers:

  • outstanding loudness gain without the typical sound of compression
  • compression of low frequency signals without pumping and distortion
  • natural sounding mixes and high density and loudness achieved by the special functions of the TM222 mastering compressor and the TM215b limiter
  • voluminous but transparent bass performance and easy separation of kick drum and bass
  • silky, soft high frequencies and effective filtering of interfering frequencies
  • subtle shaping as well as aggressive interventions while the result always remains natural with the stereo mastering eq TM205
  • effective manipulation of the spatial image of a stereo mix and extensive M/S processing with the TM130 M/S matrix

Like all other ToolMod devices, the stereo mastering modules offer + 30 dBu headroom and a dynamic range of 120 dBRMS.

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The ToolMod stereo mastering modules use many of the special circuitries that have been developed and optimized for the V700 mastering gear. They offer important features of this module system that has been designed especially for mastering studios.

Due to the construction principle of the ToolMod system without extensive and expensive mechanics, fancy knobs, massive, machined faceplates and stainless steal housings along with higher production quantities result in the plain appearance of a normal console but make possible to offer a complete stereo mastering setup with compressor, equalizer and limiter at a price that is lower than a single module of the V700 series.

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