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fully parametric 4-Band Stereo Mastering Equalizer TM204

The fully parametric Stereo
4 Band Equalizer with Bypass Switches for each Band

The TM204 Stereo Mastering Equalizer with four fully parametric bands is best suited for complex tone shaping in the mastering process. The equalizer offers silky sounding highs as well as high pressure in the mid and high range, free of side effects, and voluminous but transparent bass sounds. Precise and subtle shaping is possible as well as drastic tonal surgery. The separate bypass switches for each band are a useful feature for complex eq settings. With the 6 dB version, very small boosts or cuts can be adjusted without problems. The 0 dB positions come with a center click that is internally precisely calibrated to less than 0.2 dB over the entire audio band.
  • 4 fully parametric Bands
  • Bypass Switches for each Band and Master Bypass
  • Boost/Cut Range
    12 or 6 dB
  • custom Boost/Cut Range possible
  • custom Frequency Ranges and Multiband Combination with 2 or more TM204 possible
  • Low EQ - Bell
    fully parametric
    20 Hz to 650 Hz
    Q 3 oct. to a third
  • Mid1 EQ - Bell
    fully parametric
    60 Hz to 2 kHz
    Q 3 oct. to a third
  • Mid2 EQ - Bell
    fully parametric
    0.5 to 15 kHz
    Q 3 oct. to a third
  • Hi-EQ - Bell
    fully parametric
    3.2 to 24 kHz
    Q 3 oct. to a third
  • Headroom + 30 dBu
  • Dynamic Range
    124 dBA/120 dBRMS
4-Band Stereo Mastering Equalizer4-Band Stereo Mastering Equalizer TM204 with +/- 12 dB Range

Boost/Cut Range
The 4-Band Stereo Mastering Equalizer is available from stock with 12 dB or 6 dB boost/range. Due to our rapid manufacturing shop, custom versions are possible at short notice with any range up to 16 dB. All 0 dB positions have center detents and are precisely calibrated. The range around the 0 dB mark is stretched to make very small settings easy.

The active Vienna Bridge Circuitry
The four fully parametric bands are implemented using the active 'Vienna Bridge' circuiry by adt-audio that combines the tonal qualities of passive LC eq's with the flexibility of an active fully parametric equalizer. Vienna Bridge based eq's offer musical behavior, free of harshness, distortion, and similar negative side effects even with extreme settings.

Frequency and Q-Factor Ranges
Each band has a gain control, q-factor control, center frequency control, and a bypass switch. The sweep ranges of the bands have huge overlaps; Low, Mid1, and Mid3 allow frequency variations of about 1 to 30 while the High Band is focussed on the high-mid and high range with a variation from 3.2 to 24 kHz. The Stereo Mastering EQ is manually calibrated for optimum tracking accuracy between the stereo channels. All components that affect the tracking accuracy are handpicked.

Custom frequency and q-factor ranges are possible like custom control ranges at short notice. It is also possible to combine 2 TM204's to an 8 band fully parametric multiband equalizer. Due to our rapid manufacturing capabilities, any combination is ready for shipping within 2 weeks.

Using narrow q-factor settings at the upper end of the audio band can produce silky luster highs; a boost in the range below 60 Hz with a medium bandwidth supports a stable bass fundamental of the mix, while narrow settings at the base frequency of a kick drum result in high 'pressure' in the bass range without loosing transparency at the low end.

The q-factor control range is the same for all bands and covers a range from about 3 octaves for global corrections down to a third for subtle filter settings.

Headroom & Noise
The headroom is + 30 dBu throughout the entire stereo mastering equalizer. At linear settings, the output noise is less than -90 dBu RMS/-94 dBA which results in a total dynamic range of at least 120 dB/124dBA.

The TM204 is a 4U ToolMod that fits into two slots of the horizontal 1U high ToolMod Frames. The vertical version fits into a slot of a 4U high ToolMod Frame.
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-6h: ± 6 dB - horizontal
-12h: ± 12 dB - horizontal
-6v: ± 6 dB - vertical
-12v: ± 12 dB - vertical
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Picture ± 12 dB - h-Version
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