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Stereo Mastering Equalizer TM205

The 5 Band Stereo Equalizer for Mastering

The TM205 Stereo Mastering Equalizer is the stereo version of the 5-band mono Equalizer TM105 that has been optimized for mastering applications. The combination of R/C based high low eq's with soft characteristics for global corrections with three fully parametric mid bands for complex tone shaping makes the TM205 an effective tool for the mastering process. The stereo mastering equalizer offers silky sounding highs as well as high pressure in the mid and high range, free of side effects, and voluminous but transparent bass sounds. The fully parametric bands allow precise and subtle shaping as well as drastic tonal surgery.
  • 5-Band-EQ
  • 3 fully parametric Bands
  • Boost/Cut Range
    6, 12 or 20 dB
  • Low EQ - Soft Bell
    40, 60, 100,
    or 160 Hz
  • Mid1 EQ - Bell
    fully parametric
    20 Hz to 2 kHz
    Q 3 oct. to a third
  • Mid2 EQ - Bell
    fully parametric
    60 Hz to 7 kHz
    Q 3 oct. to a third
  • Mid3 EQ - Bell
    fully parametric
    0.25 to 25 kHz
    Q 3 oct. to a third
  • Hi-EQ
    20 kHz Shelf or
    Soft Bell
    12, 8, or 4 kHz
  • Headroom + 30 dBu
  • Dynamic Range
    124 dBA/120 dBRMS
Stereo Mastering EqualizerStereo Mastering Equalizer TM205 with +/- 20 dB Range

The standard version of the Stereo Mastering Equalizer has a boost/cut range of +/- 12 dB for all bands. All 0 dB positions have center detents and are precisely calibrated. The range around the 0 dB point is stretched to make very small settings easy. The TM205 is also available with +/- 6 dB and +/- 20 dB control range for other applications.

The three fully parametric bands are implemented as active 'Vienna Bridge' circuit. Each band has a gain control, q-factor control and center frequency control. The sweep ranges of the bands have huge overlaps; each band allows a frequency variation of 1 to 100. The Stereo Mastering Equalizer is manually calibrated for optimum tracking accuracy between the stereo channels. All components that affect the tracking accuracy are handpicked.

The three fully parametric equalizer bands of the TM205 cover the entire audio band from 20 Hz up to 25 kHz. The sweep ranges of the bands have huge overlaps. Between 60 Hz and 7 kHz, two bands can be used; all three bands can be tuned within the range from 250 Hz to 2 kHz. It is possible to use one band for a global correction with a wide q-factor setting while another band with narrow bandwidth is used in the same frequency range for small corrections of formants or interfering frequencies.

The sweep ranges are 20 Hz to 2 kHz for MID1, 60 Hz to 7 kHz for MID2 and 250 Hz to 25 kHz for MID3. The frequency controls are implemented with negative logarithmic law. Due to the large control range, the MID1 Equalizer is actually a low eq, while the MID3 band can be used as high eq as well.

Using narrow q-factor settings at the upper end of the audio band can produce silky luster highs; a boost in the range below 60 Hz with a medium bandwidth supports the 'fundament' of the mix, while narrow settings at the base frequency of a kick drum result in high 'pressure' in the bass range without loosing transparency at the low end.

The q-factor control range is the same for all fully parametric bands and covers a range from about 5 octaves for global corrections down to a third for subtle filter settings.

The fully parametric equalizer bands are based on the 'Vienna bridge' circuit that we at adt-audio have been using since more than 25 years. The circuits allow independent adjustment of boost and cut, center frequency and bandwidth in very wide ranges. Even with drastic filter settings, the equalizer behaves free from distortion, TIM and slew rate related effects; the results are always musically.

The high and low bands for global corrections complete the feature set of the stereo mastering equalizer. The circuits of these bands are based on soft R/C filters with a steepness of 6 dB/oct.. The characteristics of each filter can be modified by a set of switches. Four different settings are possible.

The high equalizer is a soft shelving filter with a corner frequency far beyond the audio band at the default setting. It produces silky sounding highs when boosting. Using the switches changes the characteristic to a very soft bell for high frequency 'pressure'. By combining both switches, the weakly pronounced center frequency can be set to 12 kHz, 8 kHz or 4 kHz. The bandwidth of the filter characteristics is also changed with the frequency.

The low equalizer is a soft bell. The bandwidth is quite similar to a shelving filter; however, boosting subsonics is effectively prevented. An additional high-pass filter is not necessary in most cases. In addition, the bell filter offers advantages as far as the low frequency phase response is concerned. The two switches select the center frequencies 40 Hz, 60 Hz, 100 Hz and 160 Hz.

The headroom is + 30 dBu throughout the entire stereo mastering equalizer. At linear settings, the output noise is less than -90 dBu RMS, which results in a total dynamic range of at least 120 dB.

The TM205 is a 4U ToolMod that fits into two slots of the horizontal 1U high ToolMod Frames. The vertical version fits into a slot of a 4U high ToolMod Frame. The Stereo Mastering Equalizer is available with +/- 6 dB, +/- 12 dB, or +/- 20 dB boost/cut range.

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-6h: ± 6 dB - horizontal
-12h: ± 12 dB - horizontal
-20h: ± 20 dB - horizontal
-6v: ± 6 dB - vertical
-12v: ± 12 dB - vertical
-20v: ± 20 dB - vertical
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Picture ± 6 dB - h-Version
Picture ± 12 dB - h-Version
Picture ± 20 dB - h-Version
Picture ± 6 dB - v-Version
Picture ± 12 dB - v-Version
Picture ± 20 dB - v-Version
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...can easily cope with global corrections and wide-band color corrections as well as surgical adjustments. The wide overlapping frequency ranges offer very high flexibility. Like all adt-audio equalizers, the precise and clear treatment of the low frequency range is outstanding...

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vertical Version with 12 dB RangeTM205 12 dB vertical
vertical Version with
+/- 12 dB Control Range


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vertical Version with +/- 20 dB RangeTM205 20 dB vertical
Stereo Mastering EQ
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