ToolMod Pro Audio Gear

The ToolMod Pro Audio Module System offers an extensive range of high grade, mono and stereo pro audio devices. Combine mic pre, equalizer, compressor, limiter, noise gate, DI Amp, and M/S matrix in any desired way at a price that also fits into the budget of a small studio. Arrange your own channel strip, processing set or stereo mastering system with exactly the gear you need.

All analog ToolMod Modules share + 30 dBu Headroom and a Dynamic Range of 120 dB.

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  • ToolMod Mono and Stereo Modules
  • vast range of Modules for all applications
    M/S-Stereo Modules
    Monitor Modules
  • horizontal and vertical ToolMod Modules
  • all horizontal Modules fit into 1U-high Frames
  • Headroom + 30 dBu and 120 dBRMS dynamic range throughout the ToolMod System


The ToolMod Principle

ToolMod uses the same components, circuitry and design principles as the large format mixing consoles of the 5MT series and the Integrator modular audio devices; however, ToolMod uses no fancy appearance, massive knobs, heavy weighted mounting frames and cover sheets made of stainless steel, or other accessories that only concern appearance and price but not the sound performance and the technical qualities. We are using the same components, semiconductors, switches, pots, relays, control knobs, etc. that are used for the 5MT mixing consoles and the other members of the 'Tool' series. This principle results in the appearance of an old school console channel, a very attractive price, an outstanding performance with + 30 dBu headroom and 120 dB dynamic range throughout the entire ToolMod system and lots of uncommon features that you will barely find somewhere else.

If you are looking for fancy appearance, heavy weight, and high prices, you're definitely wrong on this page. If sound performance and outstanding technical qualities at an affordable price is that what you are looking for, you are supposed to take a closer look.

The ToolMod Benefits

ToolMod offers an extensive range of high grade processing devices and preamps at affordable prices. The price of most of the mono modules is lower than € 500.00

ToolMod offers also stereo equalizers, compressors and limiters as well as an M/S Matrix and special modules for professional stereo mastering at affordable prices

The entry cost of the ToolMod system is low, a 1U high frame with power supply and cable is available at less than € 500.00

All modules are available in horizontal and vertical versions for 1U high frames as well as 2U and 4U vertical frames.

A ToolMod setup can be exactly tailored to your needs. You don't need to buy anything that is not useful for you.

You can upgrade and rearrange ToolMod modules at any time. Shop wired frames and compatibility throughout the system make it easy to setup any system on the fly.

Outstanding technical qualities, + 30 dBu headroom and 120 dB dynamic range

The ToolMod Modules

Here is an overview of some of the ToolMod Pro Audio Modules that are currently available. For information in detail, please, click on the links below.

For the full range of modules, frames, and accessories that are available from stock, please check out our webstore:

M/S Stereo Mastering Compressor TM121TM132 M/S Stereo Mastering Compressor
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Stereo Mastering
The latest addition to the ToolMod system includes a range of analog pro audio gear for stereo mastering that ...

M/S Processor
The ToolMod M/S Processor is a very special combination of modules that convert the stereo signal into the M/S format and offers a full range of unique features for dynamics processing adn equalization in the M/S stereo format, an elliptic equalizer and tools for the manipulation of the spatial image...
... more

M/S Recording Set
The ToolMod M/S Recording Set is a complete frontend for recording with all kinds of stereo microphones in both, standard stereo or M/S mode ...
... more

ToolMod Modules
All modules are available with horizontal and vertical faceplates. Depending on the number of control elements on the faceplate, a particular module...
... more

ToolMod Frames
Any combination of modules for all applications is possible with the ToolMod Pro Audio System. The four ToolMod Frames...
... more

Power Supply
The ToolMod Pro Audio System, the ToolKit Channel Strip, the analog summing devices of the ToolMix series as well as additional Tool devices use external power supply units...
... more

ToolMod 4U-Frame with Stereo Mastering ModulesToolMod 4U high Frame with Stereo Mastering Modules


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VCA Compressor TM112bTM112b VCA-Compressor

TM130 M/S-Matrix with elliptic EQTM130 M/S-Matrix with elliptic EQ
TM130 M/S Matrix
with elliptic EQ

ToolMod offers a full range of mono and stereo modules. Stereo modules can be installed in all module compartments. Up to 5 Stereo Compressors or Stereo Limiters fit into a 1U-high Frame.
All Modules are available in horizontal versions for 1U-high frames and vertical versions for 2U-high, 4U-high, and 6U-high Frames
ToolMod is not limited to some standard mic-pre's, eq's and dynamics. Most of the modules are available in mono and stereo versions. In addition to pre-amps, a range of equalizers and dynamics modules, there are special modules for stereo mastering, unique M/S stereo modules as well as monitor modules and meters.
The ToolMod Voice Strip in a 1U high frame with the TM101 Transformer Mic Pre, the TM109 Voice-EQ, and the TM119 Voice Compressor is a special channel strip that cannot only be used for voice processing.
A ToolMod 4U-high frame with TM112 Compressors, TM116 Noise Gates, a TM115 Brickwall Limiter, a TM215 Stereo Limiter, 2 TM105 5-Band EQ's, a TM205 Stereo Mastering Equalizer, and the TM222 Stereo Mastering Compressor.
A 4U-high ToolMod frame with an extensive set of modules for stereo and M/S mastering

with a TM133 M/S Stereo Mastering Equalizer, a Multiband Dynamics Processor with a TM231 3-Band Multiband Splitter, 3 TM132 M/S Stereo Mastering Compressors, and a TM232 Multiband Adder, the TM223 Pump-Up Compressor, the TM238 Dynamic Equalizer, the TM235 Harmonics Generator, the TM233 Tape Simulator, and a TM260 Stereo Control Room Monitor Module.

For a closer look at the modules that are not described in detail on this web site, check the Stereo Modules Photo Gallery and the Monitor & Meters Photo Gallery. If you want to know more, just ASK.