Channel Strip ToolKit

The complete Input Channel Strip ToolKit combines an extensive assortment of high quality input amplifiers and sophisticated processing stages in an unique way.

The Channel strip offers a transformer Mic-Pre, Line Input, sweeped high-pass and low-pass Filters, versatile Compressor, extremely fast Noise-Gate with filters, 5-band Equalizer, fast Brickwall-Limiter together with extensive routing and insert facilities in the compact 1U high format.

The proven audio components of our console modules, best tonal qualities, and superior technical specs make this channel strip a perfect tool for any application.

The stages of the ToolKit Channel Strip are also available as single ToolMod Pro Audio Modules
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Stereo Mastering Set A

The sonic quality of the pristine but warm transformer balanced mic preamp, + 30 dBu headroom throughout the entire device, the versatile compressor that can handle all kinds of signals, the famous adt-audio EQ that is used with the almost all channel strip versions of the large format production consoles and the complete feature set, all add together make the ToolKit Channel Strip a perfect device for the mixing engineer who has all the tools in a 1U high box. Additional versatility was added to allow external keying of the noise-gate and side chain processing of the compressor. The switched, buffered insert section than can be routed pre or post EQ, gate and dynamics allows insertion of any additional processing device the user might with to use in combination with the ToolKit channel strip.

The ToolKit Channel Strip contains:

The well respected adt-audio Mic Pre with the proven, oversized input transformer that is used with almost all input modules of the adt-audio large format mixing consoles. This mic pre combines transparency and warmth in a unique way and is marked out by outstanding noise performance, also with very low gain settings and an ernormous headroom.
Mic Pre
An additional, electronically balanced Line Input with separate gain control. With the line input, the channel strip can be used as an universal processing set in the mix without the need of using the mic input with line level signals.

A wide range High-pass / Low-Pass Filter. The high steepness of 24 dB/oct. allows effective cutting of subsonic interferences and low frequency 'ballast' wihtout affecting the audio signal. The filter section is completed by a soft low-pass filter.

A very high quality Compressor with many additional, non-standard features that is optimized to achieve high loudness gain without the loss of natural sound performance. Due to the high variability and the huge control ranges of all parameters, this compressor offers best results with any application.

Noise Gate
The Noise Gate with its own, wide-range high-pass and low-pass filters is extremely fast. In addition to the usual applications of a noise-gate, the wide ranges of all parameters allow extensive envelope processing and open a huge range of additional applications

A classical adt-audio 5 Band Equalizer like installed in the 5MT music production consoles Series D and Series MR. The three fully parametric bands, based on adt-audio's vienna bridge circuitry with huge control ranges cover the entire audio band. They are completed by rc-based high- and low-eq's for global corrections. This equalizer allows aggressive tonal surgery as well as gentle tone shaping and remains friendly and free from harshness, even with extreme settings.

The super-fast Brickwall-Limiter at the output of the ToolKit channel strip can control peak of some dB without audible side effects und takes care about overload protection of connected a/d converters. In addition, it offers a pronounced, additional loudness gain due to the regulation of short peaks.
A fully balanced, switched Insert makes it possible to integrate external processing gear with the ToolKit channel strip. Like all other stages, the insert can deal with levels of + 30 dBu. The internal routing lets you move the insert pre or post the processing stages.

A second Output with separate level control can be used in parallel to the main output or as clean feed, pre all processing stages and offers the choice for recording without processing during live sessions.

Switched Side-Chain Inserts with separate inputs and outputs are installed for the compressor and the noise-gate as well. The use of external filters for processing the side chain signals and keying of the gate are possible as well as linking of several ToolKits.

The extensive internal Routing System allows to reconfigure the order of eq, compressor, noise-gate, and insert to adapt the channel strip to the particular application in the best possible way.

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ToolKit Channel Strip vs ToolMod Pro Audio Modules

All stages of the ToolKit input channel strip are also available as single modules of the ToolMod Pro Audio Module System. All these devices share the same sound performance and technical characteristics; the prices are almost the same as well. The difference between the price of the ToolKit channel strip and a front-end combination of ToolMod modules is not relevant.

While the ToolKit combines a complete input channel strip with all bells and whistles in a single unit, the ToolMod Pro Audio System makes it possible to combine pre-amps, front-ends, processing chains, and mastering systems on the fly, exactly meeting the particular requirements. Upgrade and reconfiguration is possible at any time.

It is obvious that the starting price of a ToolMod system can be lower than the price of the ToolKit channel strip, when only that modules are combined, that are needed for the particular purpose.

On the other hand, the ToolKit offers an extensive internal routing and insert system, which cannot be implemented with any module system in the same universal way.


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