ToolMod Pro Audio
active DI Amp TM103

The active DI Amp for Instruments with Pickups and Guitar Amplifiers

The active DI Amp TM103 is best suited for all instruments with pickups. The special, high impedance input amplifier is designed for the high source impedance of the pickups and maintains the original sound of the instruments. Connectors on the rear panel of the frame are in parallel to the input to feed guitar amps without hassle. The output of the DI amp is available on a second connector in parallel to drive the guitar amp from the DI output alternatively. The input pad allows using the active DI amp with speaker outputs of guitar amps. Balanced and unbalanced input mode is possible. The feature set is completed by a ground lift and a phase reversal switch, and a sweeped high-pass and low-pass filter.
  • active DI Amp with Hi-Cut & Low-Cut
  • 3 to 36 dB Gain
  • Input Pad 20 dB
  • Input Mode balanced or unbalanced
  • Ground-Lift Switch
  • Phase Reversal Switch
  • Low-Cut
    < 20 to 600 Hz
    24 dB/oct.
  • Hi-Cut
    2 to > 20 kHz
    12 dB/oct.
  • 3-color Peak-Present Indicator
  • Headroom + 30 dBu
  • Dynamic Range
    124 dBA/121 dBRMS
    referred to input

active DI Amplifier active DI Amplifier TM103

Using the TM103 in the control room makes it possible to record guitars and other instruments with pickups directly. With a ToolMod frame in the studio a TM103 is used like a normal DI box or amp. A frame in the studio offers the opportunity to install some mic pre's in addition to the DI amps directly in the studio. Microphones can be connected with short cables, which maintains best possible performance. The outputs of the ToolMod devices are designed to withstand the high capacitive load of long cables without disadvantage.

The active DI-Amp TM103 completes the range of preamplifiers of the ToolMod Pro Audio series. The input amplifier of the TM103 is designed for guitars, bass, and other instruments using high source impedance pickups. The high input resistance and the low input capacity maintains the original sound of the instrument. The noise performance of the input amplifier is optimized for the high source impedance of pickups. The input Gain ranges from 3 dB to 36 dB.

The input PAD of 20 dB allows connecting the device directly to speaker outputs of power amps. An input voltage of more than 200 V is possible without overload. When not switched on the PAD is completely disabled and it adds no load to the input. The input impedance with pad is 10 kOhms.

The TRS jack on the faceplate is wired in parallel to the female XLR connector and to the TRS jack 'IN b' on the connector panel for easy installation of the unit. The input can be used in balanced or unbalanced mode alternatively. The ground lift switch floats the sleeve of the TRS jacks on the faceplate and the pin 1 of the XLR connector. Even with ground loops, one of the possible combinations will result in a hum free performance. The phase reversal sets the output of the amplifier out of phase.

The high-pass low-pass Filter is activated by the FILT switch. It allows limiting the frequency ranges directly in the DI amp. The high-pass filter has a sweep range from below 20 Hz to 600 Hz with 24 dB/oct steepness; the sweep range of the low-pass is from more than 20 kHz down to 2 kHz. The steepness of the low-pass is 12 dB/oct.

The Level Indicator is a multicolor LED that displays output levels of more than - 20 dB with green color. If the level exceeds 0 dB the color turns to yellow. Above 0 dB, the color change to orange and red. With red color, the remaining headroom is still 5 dB.

The TM103 active DI Amp is a 2U ToolMod module that can be used in all versions of the ToolMod Frames. As usual, vertical and horizontal versions are available.

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