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A range of Accessories for the ToolMod System

A range of accessories for the configuration and completion of the ToolMod system is available. There are blind panels, knurled screws for faceplate fixing, spacers for the subdivision of frames and power cables as well.

Blind Panels

Blind panels for covering empty frame slots are available in 2U and 4U module format. Both versions are black anodized. 2 knurled screws belong to the scope of supply of each blind panel. The ToolMod blind panels can be used horizontally and vertically; however, different screws for the horizontal and vertical frames require to include the frame version when ordering.

Knurled Screws

Knurled Screws are used to fix the modules in the frame. There are different versions for the horizontal 1U-high and the vertical 2U- and 4U-high frames. Two screws are delivered with modules and blind panels; however, you can get screws in sets of 2 pcs. as spare part as well.


Spacers are used to subdived the ToolMod frames and adapt a particular frame for 2U and 4U modules. Spacer 1 is used for 1U high ToolMod Frames, Spacer 2 is needed to install two 2U modules in a compartment of a 4U high frame. This spacer is available in any size from 1 slot to 11 slots. The standard version is 1 slot long. Please, ask for details here. Two spacers belong to the scope of supply of the 1U-frames. The 4U-high frames come without spacers. If you order or complete system, we will check for the necessary spacers; however, you will probably need additional spacers when you reconfigure your system. The above picture to the left shows a Spacer for 1U high frames. The picture to the left shows a 3-slot spacer for a 4U-high frame.

Power Cables

The cables for the connection between the power supply unit and the frames as well as cables to connect the power from frame to frame with 5-pin XLR connectors and sufficient cross section are available in standard length of 10 ft. / 3 meter, 5 ft. / 1.5 meter, 3 ft. / 1 meter, and 1 ft. / 0.3 meter. Usually, the 10 ft. cables are used for connecting the power supply with the first frame, while the shorter cables are used to connect the frames in daisy chain mode. All information on the power supply and the cables can be found on the ToolPwr Power Supply Units web pages.

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  • Blind Panels 2U
  • Blind Panels 4U
  • knurled Screws
  • Spacers for 1U-high
    ToolMod Frames
  • Spacers for 4U-high
    ToolMod Frames
  • Power Cables
  • Audio Patch Cables
  • Audio Multicores
  • Audio Adaptors

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Blind Panel 4U - €18.00
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Spacer 1U - 15.00
Spacer 4U-1 Slot - 12.00
Power Cable 10 ft.
Power Cable 3 ft. / 5 ft.
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Audio Cables
No special cables are required for connecting the ToolMod modules. The entire system uses only standard XLR and TRS connectors. Cables with these connectors are usually available in all studios. However, we keep stock of XLR-f to XLR-m, XLR-f & m to TRS, and TRS to TRS cables in 1 ft. and 2 ft. that are needed for connecting the modules of a ToolMod system. Cables longer than 2 ft. are usually as stock as well or are available at short notice.

Audio Adaptors
In addition to the patch cords, a range of adaptors with XLR and TRS connectors are available from stock.


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D-Sub Multicores
Audio Multicores with 25-pin D-Sub connectors, according to the analog Tascam standard are available from stock in standard versions with a length of 1.5 ft. / 50 cm, 3 ft./ 1 m, 4.5 ft. / 1.5 m, and 6 ft. / 2 m. Cables with D-subs on both ends are available as well as D-sub to XLR-f, D-sub to XLR-m, and D-sub to TRS. Cable up to 60 ft. / 20 m are available with standard or custom connectors at short notice.