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An overview on the ToolMod Equalizer Modules. ToolMod offers two different Mono Equalizers, a fully fledged 5-Band Version and a versatile 3-Band Version in the compact 2U Format as well as sophisticated 4-Band and 5-Band Stereo Mastering Equalizer.

The ToolMod Stereo Mastering modules are here

TM105 - 5 Band Equalizer with 3 fully parametric Bands

The well-known adt-audio 5-Band equalizer that is used with the large format music production consoles 5MT Series MR and Series D ever since. 3 'Vienna Bridge' based mid bands cover the entire audio band from 20 Hz to 25 kHz with huge overlapping frequency ranges. The additional, soft, RC-based high shelving filter and the soft bell low band with four selectable frequencies make global corrections fast and easy. The TM105 is available with +/- 20 dB or +/- 12 dB boost/cut range.
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TM204 - fully parametric 4-Band Stereo Mastering Equalizer

Fully parametric stereo mastering equalizer with bypass switches for each band. The TM204 is available with 12 or 6 dB boost/cut range. Due to wide ranges for the q-factor and the center frequencies the stereo mastering equalizer can be used for a wide range of applications.
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TM205 - 5-Band Stereo Equalizer with High-Low EQ and 3 fully parametric Bands

The stereo mastering version of the well-known adt-audio 5-band equalizer with optimized control ranges for mastering applications. Soft high and low eq's for global corrections are combined with three fully parametric mid bands that cover the entire audio band. The wide range of the q-factor control allows subtle corrections as well as drastic tonal surgery. Usually, the TM205 has +/-12 dB boost/cut range; however, 6 dB and 20 dB versions are also available.
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TM107 - compact 3 Band Equalizer
The TM107 3-Band EQ offers a versatile set of professional sound processing tools in the compact, 2U module format. Though the available space for control elements is limited, the 3 bands cover all important options for every application. A bell type, sweeped low band, with q-factor selection reaches down to 15 Hz for clean bass manipulation, full of pressure, while the shelving, sweeped high band with a range up to 40 kHz with its steepness switch from 6 to 12 dB/oct. makes uncommon high frequency filtering possible. The fully parametric mid band has as center frequency range from 100 Hz to 10 kHz and a huge q-factor range from 3 octaves to less than a third. 5 TM107 EQ's fit into the compact 1U high ToolMod Frame
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