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Noise Gate TM116

Noise Gate with extremely fast Attack, Controls for all Parameters, and integrated Side-Chain Filters

The TM116 Noise Gate combines everything that is necessary for extensive envelope processing. The extremely fast attack time and the click-free operation of the noise gate makes gating of criticle signals like a kick drum possible without problems. Wide control ranges for all parameters and independent controls for threshold, range, attack, release, and hold allow any kind of envelope forming. The wide range high-pass and low-pass filters in the side chain and a key input complete the features set of this noise gate.
  • fully parametric
    Noise-Gate with
    integrated Hi-Cut
    and Low-Cut Filter
  • extremely fast Attack
    < 10 Ás to 20 ms
  • Threshold
    +20 to -40 dB
  • Release 0.05 to 3 sec
  • Hold 0.02 to 2 sec
  • Range:
    controls the Attenuation when the Gate is closed from 0 to 70 dB
  • balanced Key Input
  • Side-Chain Listen
    switches the Key
    Signal to the Ouput
  • Wide-Range Hi-Cut
    15 kHz to 50 Hz
    12 dB/oct.
  • Wide-Range Low-Cut
    40 Hz to 8 kHz
    12 dB/oct.
  • Meter with 5 LEDs
    shows OPEN, HOLD
    and Attenuation
  • Headroom + 30 dBu
  • Dynamic Range
    125 dBA/122 dBRMS
Noise Gate Noise Gate with Key Input and Filters

The TM116 Noise Gate is an effective tool for any kind of envelope processing of audio signals. The huge control ranges and independent controls for all parameters make possible to use the noise gate not only for conventional applications like drum recording but also for noise reduction and extensive manipulations of the signal structure.

The TM116 is marked out by its extremely fast attack time of 10 µsec. The noise gate opens within the first halfwave of a 20 kHz signals. Critical, percussive signals can be processed without fade in and without the loss of transients. A crunchy kick drum remains as crunchy as it was.

There are controls for Threshold, Attack, Release, and Hold Time and for the attenuation Range. The Threshold control determines the level that triggers the gate to open. It is adjustable in a range from - 40 dB to + 20 dB. The Attack time controls the fade in speed in the range from 10 µs to 20 ms; the Release control determines the fade out speed from 0.05 sec to 3 sec and the Hold control keeps the gate open when the input level drops below threshold in the adjustable time range from 0.02 sec to 2 sec. The release time starts at the end of the hold time, if the gate is not retriggered during the hold time period. The Range control sets the attenuation of the closed gate between 0 dB, which actually disables the noise gate, and 70 dB. The law of the pot is logarithmic, small attenuations can be adjusted precisely.

The TM116 noise gate operates without hysteris; however, the minimum hold time and the special design of the circuitry prevents the gate from 'chattering' with critical settings of the parameters. This design principle allows 'cutting out' precisely, which is not possible with hysteresis. The off-on transition range is less than 0.1 dB down to 100 Hz, which results in minimizing the click noise.

The integrated Side Chain Filter combines a wide range high-pass and low-pass filter. The control range of the corner frequency from 40 Hz to 8 kHz for the high-pass filter and from 15 kHz to 50 Hz for the low-pass filter allow the use as band-pass filters as well. The steepness is 12 dB/oct. 'SCL' (side chain listen) switches the filter output to the main output for easy control of the filter setting.

An external audio signal can control the gate by the Key Input. Actually, the key input is a balanced insert point with input and output; both are available on the TRS jacks on the connector panel of the frame. The push pull switch of the range pot activates the key input.

A LED chain with 5 LED's displays the actual state of the gate. The green LED shows that the gate is open, the yellow LED lights up during the hold time. Three red LEDs display the attenuation when the gate is closed or the release time is running.

The TM116 Noise Gate is a 2U ToolMod module that fits into all available ToolMod Frames. Horizontal and vertical versions are available.

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...even with extreme settings it operates practically click free and without cutting transients..

...Standard jobs, like cleaning up drum tracks are no problem at all..

- Quote from Test Report
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