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All modules are available with horizontal and a vertical faceplates. Depending on the number of control elements, the modules have either 2U or 4U format. The 4U modules are designed in a way that they can be installed in two standard module compartments for 2U modules of the 1U high frame. 4U modules fit into the slots of the 4U high frames with no additional spacers. With 4U high frames, two 2U modules can be installed one above each other in one compartment. All modules use the same connectors and the same power supply units and are compatible with the audio connectors of all frame versions.

ToolMod Modules and a open 1U high frameopen ToolMod 1U-high Frame with Modules and Spacers
vertical 4U ToolMod ModuleStereo EQ, 4U Module vertical Version

The width of the faceplates is 40 mm / 1.57". The 2U modules are 82 mm / 3.23" long. 4U modules have a length of 168 mm / 6.6".  Two 2U modules combined with a spacer have the size of a single 4U module. The plugs of the two modules fit into the plugs in the frame of two adjacent compartments. All modules are 182 mm / 7.16" deep. The size of the control elements is not included in this dimension. Both module versions fit into the 1U high frames and the 4U high frames. The 2U high frame can only house 2U modules. The picture on the left side shows the vertical version of the stereo mastering equalizer TM205. The picture below shows how two 2U modules are coupled using a spacer.

Two 2U modules, coupled by a spacer2 Modules coupled with a Spacer

The only differences between the vertical and horizontal versions are the lettering of the faceplates and the orientation of the control knobs. Vertical modules are fully functional in horizontal frames as well as horizontal versions fit into vertical frames. The horizontal versions are used for the horizontal 1U high frames, while the vertical modules are designed for the 2U high, 4U high, and 6U high vertical frames. Changing the faceplates at low cost is possible if you send in the module. The pictures in the right colum show the horizontal and the vertical version of the TM133 M/S Stereo EQ.

knurled Screws for 1U-high Framesknurled Screw in 2U Module The modules are fixed in the frames with two knurled screws that are also used as handles to remove the units. Screws and the different spacers for the 1U high and the 4U high frames are available. Here is overview of the Accessories.

The 1U high frame is best suited for small sets with some modules. The modules are installed horizontally. The installation of 2U and 4U modules is possible. The spacer blocks can be installed or removed to adapt the frame appropriately. Here are all details on the 1U-high ToolMod Frame.

The vertical 2U-, 4U-, and 6U.high frames can hold more modules. They are best suited for extensive setups. The modules are installed vertically, what makes these frames best suited for systems that are used together with summing boxes or mixers. The 2U high frame can house up to eleven 2U modules; 4U- und 6U-high frames can house 2U and 4U modules. The maximum capacity is 22 2U modules, or 11 4U modules or any mix of 2U and 4U modules for the 4U-high frame and up to 33 2U modules for the 6U-high frame. Here are the details on the 4U-high ToolMod Frames, the 2U-high ToolMod Frames, and the 6U-high ToolMod Frames.

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