ToolMod Pro Audio
4U high Frame

The 4U high ToolMod Frame can house up to 22 2U ToolMod Pro Audio Modules. 2U and 4U Modules can be installed.

The 4U-high rack-mounted 19" frame for ToolMod Pro Audio Modules can house 2U and 4U modules. The modules are installed vertically. 4U modules fit directly into the 11 frame compartments. Two 2U modules can be installed one above each other, coupled by a spacer. The frame is compatible with all ToolMod modules. The installation of up to 22 2U modules is possible.
ToolMod 4U-high frame with mastering modules
ToolMod 4U-high frame with a collection of Modules for Stereo Mastering

The 4U high ToolMod frame is the best choice for extensive ToolMod Pro Audio setups. It offers enough space for all kinds of modules. Arranging the modules is variable to great extend. Like the 1U high frame, the 4U high frame can house size 2U and size 4U modules. Two 2U modules can be installed in any of the 11 compartments using a spacer to couple the modules. The modules are installed vertically. This results in a clear layout when many modules are installed. If only 2U high modules are needed, the 2U high frame can be used alternatively, though the price per compartment of the 4U high version is clearly lower. This frame is also best suited for live sound applications.

Frame with 2U and 4U ToolMod Modules

4U-high frame with a Mix of 2U- and 4U-ToolMod Modules

Module Compartments
The 4U high frame has 11 module compartments for 4U modules. Each compartment can hold two 2U modules alternatively. These modules are coupled by spacer blocks. The maximum capacity of the 4U high frame is 22 2U modules. All necessary connectors are installed.

knurled Screws for 4U-high ToolMod Frames

The modules are fixed with knurled screws that are used as handle when removing or installing modules. Knurled screws and blind panels are available as Accessories.

Module Versions
The 4U high ToolMod frames are designed for modules with vertical faceplates. The only difference between horizontal and vertical modules is the orientation of the lettering and the control knobs. Modules with horizontal faceplates can be installed and are fully functional. The lettering is simply rotated in this case.

Rear View

There is no difference between the 4U high and 2U high frame as far as the connectors are concerned. The four audio connectors for each of the 22 module compartments are installed on the rear panel of the 4U high frame. Since each of the 11 module slots can also be used for two 2U modules, one above each other, there are 22 connector sets in total. With 4U mono modules like the TM105, only one of the two sets is used; however, 4U stereo modules use both sets. The female XLR connectors are usually used as audio inputs, while the male XLR connectors are used for outputs. The use of the two additional TRS connectors depends on the module. With 2U stereo modules, the input and output of the right stereo channel are available on the TRS connectors. The connector assignment of a particular module can be found on the module web pages. Here is the assignment of the Connectors of the Stereo Mastering Compressors TM222 as an example.

The female and the male 5-pin XLR connector for the power supply are internally connected in parallel. These connectors are identical in all ToolMod frames and the other Tool units by adt-audio. The power supply system uses the 'daisy chain' principle; power is connected from frame to frame. Information in detail on the power supply units can be found on the ToolPwr Power Supply Units web pages.

Size and Weight:
Width: 19", 483 mm - Height: 4 rack spaces = 177 mm net
Depth: 245 mm / 9.65" without control knobs and plugs
Weight: 8 kg / 17.2 lbs without modules
Scope of supply: 4U-high frame, empty

For a working system a power supply and a power cable is necessary. Depending on the modules, additional blindpanels and spacers might be necessary.

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Blind Panels
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Frame with 4U Modules4U-high ToolMod Frame with 4U-Modules
4U high ToolMod Frame
with 4U Modules


Frame with 4U Modulesanother Version of a 4U-high Frame with 2U- and 4U-Modules
another Version of a
4U high Frame with 2U-
and 4U-Modules


Side View of a 4U-high Frame Side View
Side View


Front View of a 4U high FrameFront View
Front View


empty 4U-high Frameempty 4U-high Frame
empty 4U-high Frame


Front View without Modules installed4U-high Frame open, without Modules, Front View
Frame open,
without Modules
Front View