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Compressor TM112

The versatile, all-purpose Compressor with special functions for pump free operation, low distortion, and high loudness gain.

The TM112 is an universal mono compressor that includes a set of uncommon features to adapt the characteristic to the signal and the purpose in the best possible way. The Crest selector determines the basic characteristic of the compression, while the Envelope control can reduce low frequency distortion with fast, pump-free release time settings. Side chain insert, Soft Knee, Autogain and an additional gain control complete the feature set of this compressor.
  • VCA Compressor
  • Crest Factor Switch
  • Threshold
    +15 to -32 dB
  • Envelope:
    Distortion-free Compression with short Release Times
  • Soft Knee with up
    to 12 dB Range
  • Attack 0.1 to 30 ms
  • Release 0.05 to 3 s
  • Ratio 1:1 to 20:1
  • deactivatable Autogain
  • Output Gain 20 dB
    independent of Autogain
  • Gain-Reduction Display with 5 LEDs
  • fully balanced
  • Headroom + 30 dBu
  • Dynamic Range
    125 dBA/122 dBRMS
Compressor Compressor TM112
The 'design roots' of the TM112 are the dynamics sections in the input modules of large format production consoles that we offer since 1986. Such a dynamics section has to be designed for universal use with all kinds of audio signals; it must handle a kick drum or a bass guitar as well as vocals and any kind of instruments. In addition, adjustment has to be fast and easy and the results of a particular setting must be predictable.

The regulation characteristics, huge control ranges, and the extensive feature set of the TM112 allow to substitute many 'one purpose' devices and to cover many applications of a compressor with a single device.

Please check the TM112b VCA Compressor that adds parallel compression in the module to the feature set of the TM112.

In addition to many standard settings, the TM112 compressor can achieve a loudness gain of 10 to 15 dB without loosing transients and natural sound performance. By the extended range of the attack control, settings are possible that let the peaks pass thru without regulation, while the 'breakdown' after the peak is compressed effectively by a very short release time and deep regulation.

The TM112 is a feedforward VCA Compressor with a variable AC/DC converter. The Crest switch modifies the characteristic of the converter that determines the basic characteristic of the compression. The Peak position selects operation as very fast peak rectifier; in the RMS position the RMS value of the input signal is calculated by an analog computation circuit and used as control signal for the vca. In position M the control signal combines the best of the two worlds; neither the hard response of the peak position nor the slow reaction of the RMS setting are used but a well designed balance in between.

Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, Soft Knee, Envelope and Gain are controlled independently. The Threshold control that determines the begin of the regulation has a range from -32 dB to + 15 dB. The Ratio control ranges from 1:1 to 20:1. At 20:1 the compressor operates as a Limiter. The control range of the Attack Time reaches from 0.1 to 30 ms; the Release Time can be adjusted in the range from 50 ms to 3 sec.

The Envelope control makes it possible to compress low frequency signals with short release times that avoid pumping. This is achieved by a special filter in the side chain combined with dynamic modulation of the release time.

The Knee Control determines the range of the transition around the threshold level. With 0 dB, the compressor applies the same regulation characteristic to all levels above threshold while a softer setting determines the dB range around threshold that is used to approximate the regulation, which is controlled by the setting of the ratio pot. With most audio signals, soft knee allows higher compression rates and/or lower negative side effects.

Autogain is an analog computation circuit that determines the gain reduction caused by the actual settings of threshold, ratio and attack and adjusts the output gain to achieve constant level, independent of the compressor's setting. The compensation is active if the theshold setting is below 0 dB.

Autogain operates with less than 1 dB accuracy with fast attack times. With longer attack times, the output level depends on the structure of the signal. Since the peak levels are not regulated with long attack time settings, the peaks determine the output level, which cannot be calculated without establishing another regulation parameter. The attack compensation is adjusted to an experimentally ascertained value that results in a very good compensation with almost all signals. Autogain can be switched off by the push-pull switch of the ratio control. In addition, there is a manual gain control pot with +/- 20 dB range.

The switched Side-Chain Insert allows using external equalizers and filters in the regulation loop of the compressor. The push pull switch of the threshold pot activates the insert input. The signal is always available on the insert output. Insert input and output are balanced and can handle levels of + 30 dBu.

The gain reduction Display is a LED bar graph with 5 LED's and 20 dB range.

The TM112 Compressor is a 2U ToolMod unit that fits into all ToolMod Frames. Horizontal and vertical versions are available.

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...Compressor turned out to be an extremely flexible tool for the dynamic treatment of single tracks. Using appropriate settings for the attack and release time, even radical modifications of the signal's envelope are possible - for instance if it is necessary to punch up the click of a snare drum or a kick drum.

...massive level reductions of up to 15 dB are possible without disturbing side effects..

- Quotes from Test Report
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Like the TM105 Equalizer, the Compressor TM112 has been used in many slightly different versions as dynamics unit in input modules of the adt-audio large format mixing consoles.

The regulation characteristics, the control ranges and the special features have been improved and optimized for 25 years.