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L/R M/S Matrix TM131

The L/R - M/S matrix TM131 converts L/R to M/S or M/S to L/R Stereo. Base and Direction

The TM131 L/R - M/S matrix is designed for format conversion in both direction. If can be used to convert a stereo L/R signal into the M/S format or the M/S format to common left/right stereo.

Mastering Set M/S - M/S Microphone Set  - M/S Processor
  • Format Conversion from L/R to M/S or M/S to L/R
  • Conversion Level - 6 dB, 0 dB, pr + 6 dB
  • precisely calibrated
  • Headroom + 30 dBu
  • Dynamic Range
    128 dBA/124 dBRMS
M/S Matrix with elliptic EQ for Stereo Mastering L/R - M/S Matrix for Format Conversion
horizontal Recording Version of the T130 M/S Matrix The TM131 L/R - M/S Matrix is the alternative to the M/S Direction Mixer TM130 if no other features than format conversion are required. The module can be used to convert a common left-right stereo signal to the M/S format or a stereo signal in M/S format back to L/R stereo.

Since the conversion level is not standardized in any way, the conversion level can be set to - 6 dB, 0 dB, or + 6 dB by a 3-position lever switch. These values cover all common conversion levels. Internal trim pots make it possible to readjust gain and attenuation if necessary. Here is information on the basics of L/R - M/S Conversion

The matrix is optimized for best possible conversion accuracy and crosstalk as well as superior technical performance. The headroom is + 30 dBu and the dynamic range is better than 127 dBA/124 dBRMS.

The sound performance is absolutely neutral; the TM131 has no colorization and does not alter the sound in any way.

Both versions of the TM131 L/R - M/S Matrix are 2U ToolMod modules that fits into all available ToolMod Frames. As usual, horizontal and vertical versions are available.
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