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Surround Sound Systems by adt-audio

Analog Audio Surround Sound Systems by adt-audio include multiformat audio consoles, since more than 15 years. In 1992, the first HDTV 5-channel console was delivered. We produce a whole range of console channels and master sections for all versions from 4 channel to 7.1. Nowadays, 5.1 format is of crucial importance.

In addition to Audio Consoles there are several surround sound systems in rack-mounted format available.

modular 5.1 Controller System

Designed for the needs of 5.1 mastering and production, the DIRECTOR system will provide complete control of 5.1 format for any mixer or DAW system. DIRECTOR can be used to build a stand-alone mastering console and to upgrade stereo consoles to 5.1 surround sound systems as well. The modular construction makes it possible to customize, upgrade and expand the system easily. Only a small set of units is necessary to build up a basic controller. The master chain can be completed with additional 5.1 input modules and joystick controllers. The number of inputs is not limited. Three 6 channel insert points are always installed. Addtional insert sections can be added at any time. A extensive Cut-Solo unit and a bass management system complete the monitor controller chain. All versions of the DIRECTOR can handle Encoder - Decoder based, 4 channel formats. All necessary matrix stages are included in both master and control chain.

Controller Remote Units

Monitor Controller5.1 Panoramic ModuleAudio Modules V700 and Integrator

Surround Sound Systems for Mixing
Surround Sound Systems for the Control Room
Fader Modules and Joy Sticks
Pan-Pots and Balance Controls
Monitor Controller and Source Selection

In addition to the rack-mounted devices and the 5.1 controller Director, the Audio Modules V700 and Integrator modular audio offer several devices that can be used to combine surround sound systems. These units can be used to complete multiformat mastering systems or mixing desks, or to implement a simple stand alone control section just for 5.1 format as well. All these units fit into the standard frames that offer commonly used input and output connectors. This makes it very easy to integrate these analog audio devices into any studio environment. No special wiring is necessary and the standard frames fit into the 19" format. Tabletop versions of the mounting frame are also available.

While Integrator offers a mixing frame in 5.1 format with stereo, mono, and 5.1 input channels together with a set of master sections and control room units, the V700 range of modules offers many faders, panoramic sections, balance controls and control room gear for 4 channel and 5.1 format. These units can be used to combine many kinds of surround sound systems in combination with the rack-mounted devices and the DIRECTOR as well.

5.1 Direction Mixer and Elliptic EQ

DIMENSIONS is a multichannel Direction Mixer, based on the stereo MS technique, for the spatial regulation of base width and direction with spatial, elliptic Equalizers and EQ's in the MS levels of the regulation stages. This analog audio device produces incomparable effects spatial sound effects and offers full control over the spatial relations of a multichannel mix. Separate stage for the left - right relations and the front - rear relations are included.

5.1 Director Mixer and Elliptic Equalizer

Mastering Dynamics Processor Dynaround

DYNAROUND is a Mastering Dynamic Processor with 6-channel Compressor, Expander and Peak-Limiter for the dynamic treatment of 5.1 mixes. Special controls allow the modification of the coupling of the front and rear channels and the handling of the LFE. Separate precision rectifier sections for the compressor and the limiter make it possible to use the single stages of the device without mutual influence. Of Course, Dynaround is an unique, analog audio device.

Dynamic Processor Top Plate View