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ToolMod Review:
Audio Bricks
ToolMod analog Audio Modules
by adt-audio

adt-audio, German manufacturer of large format analog mixing consoles who was able to achieve a remarkable penetration of the market, is focussing more and more on analog module systems that make possible to adapt the well known adt-audio console preamps and processing devices to the needs of modern DAW studios or mobile recording systems as well. Besides the noble, high price system V700 that has been presented by a test review recently and the 'Integrator' system that offers appropriate modules at moderate prices, the most important processing tools and input amplifiers of adt-audio are now available in a very compact format. A frame of the new ToolMod series...

ToolMod Stereo Mastering Processing Gear Review:
Analog Stereo Mastering Processing Gear
adt-audio Toolmod MS and BM

During the last years, German console manufacturer adt-audio merchandises his analog audio knowledge not only in the mixing consoles where the roots of the gear are but also in a wide range of audio module systems and rack-mounted devices. This gear covers the range from the extremely extensive V700 module system to the ToolMod Series that offers a level of performance that is very close to V700 at a very attractive price. We had the opportunity to test the mono ToolMod pre amps and processing devices, which are primarily designed for use in front-ends for the processing of single channels about a year ago. Now, we found two very interesting sets combined from ToolMod units that are designed for the treatment of stereo signals. In addition to the standard treatment of comparable rack-mounted gear, these units offer unusual ways of signal processing and...

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