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An overview on the ToolMod Preamp Modules.
ToolMod offers the Transformer Mic Pre that is used with many large format mixing consoles, a discrete Mic Pre with transformer less Input, and an active DI Amp.

TM101 - Transformer Mic Pre
Transformer Mic Pre TM101
The transformer mic pre TM101 has been used with almost all input modules of the large format production consoles of the 5MT series. This mic pre has been optimized for more than 20 years and offers a unique combination of transparency and warmth combined with very high headroom and outstanding noise performance, also with low gain settings. The mic pre has an input pad and a phantom power switch and an additional line input with separate input amplifier and gain control. The filter section combines sweeped high-pass and low-pass filter; the high-pass filter has 24 dB/oct. steepness.
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TM102 - discrete Mic Pre
discrete Mic Pre TM102
The discrete mic pre TM102 offers the same benefits as the TM101 but has a transformer less input amplifier with handpicked transistors. The discrete input offers very high input impedance, which allows adding resistor and capacitor load to the input to modify the sound of the microphone. The lowest gain setting is 12 dB; high output level microphones can be used without problems. Like the TM101, the discrete mic pre has an additional line input and a high-pass, low-pass filter section.
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TM103 - active DI-Amp
active DI Amplifier TM103
The active DI-Amp TM103 is designed for high impedance source signals like guitar pickups but can also handle high levels of speaker outputs of guitar amps when the input pad is inserted. The input stage is optimized for high source impedance and offers outstandig noise performance. The input can be used in balanced or unbalanced mode; a ground lift switch avoids noise problems with ground loops. The unit is completed with the same high-pass, low-pass filter section that is used in the TM101 and TM102.
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