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The ToolMod M/S Mastering Processor Set is a very special combination of modules that convert the stereo input signal to the M/S format and offer internal M/S equalizers and a M/S stereo compressor with features to process the M/S signal in variable ways. Since the inputs and outputs of the M/S-Equalizer and the M/S compressor come with matrix stages, the ToolMod M/S processor can be used as part of a L/R or M/S processing system, without the need to convert and re-convered the format from or to L/R stereo between the modules. A M/S matrix that is also included in the set gives access to the spatial properties of the processed signal and allows regulation of the stereo base width including stereo enhancement and direction as well as an elliptic equalizer. It also converts the stereo signal back to standard left/right stereo format.
  • unique Combination for Stereo Mastering in the M/S Format
  • Special M/S Equalizer for frequency dependent Base Width Enhancement
  • M/S Stereo Mastering Compressor with special Features
  • Stereo Base Width and Direction Control
  • elliptical Equalizer
  • works with left-right or M/S Stereo Format
ToolMod M/S Processor 4-Band M/S Equalizer, M/S Compressor, and with M/S Matrix with elliptic E
It is obvious that the ToolMod system can be used to combine any kind of modules in any desired way. The ToolMod sets are some examples of special setups. The picture shows the M/S processing set with 2 M/S matrix modules, 2 eq's, and a stereo compressor.

The Pro Audio M/S Processor ToolMod MSP

The M/S Processor is a unique set of modules for analog audio processing of a stereo signal in M/S format. M/S processing offers outstanding features to shape the spatial image of a stereo signal, even with mastering and/or the final mix. The M/S-Equalizer TM134 offers separate equalization of the mono components in the M channel and the spatial information in the S channel and also a special mode, that compensateds a boost in the S-channel with a matching cut in the M-channel and vice versa. This results in a frequency depending base width modification of the stereo signal. Click here for Information on M/S Equalization.

Equalizer for M/S Processing

Dynamics processing in the M/S chain is based on different rules than normal dynamics processing of a stereo signal. An improved alignment on the mono signal is the major advantage; however, any kind of level offset between M and S caused by the compressor will result in a modulation of the stereo base width. The consequence of such behavior is that there are no fixed positions of the instruments on the stereo base anymore; the positions and the entire base width is changed by the regulation of the compressor. This can be a nice effect for a special purpose but it is not possible to use this principle for normal mixing or mastering. The M/S Mastering Compressor TM132 comes with special controls to cover the entire range of dynamic treatment of a M/S stereo signal. Here is information on the M/S Compression Basics.

M/S Stereo Mastering Compressor

The mastering version TM130m of the M/S Matrix offers additional controls for stereo base width and direction. The base width control allows the variation from 50 /to 300 % stereo. The 100 % - stereo unchanged - position at the center is precisely calibrated. The elliptic equalizer maintains a mono compatible, well centered bass range, even if the stereo base width is enhanced. The direction control allows to compensate possible shifts in the left-right balance when base enhancement is used.

M/S Matrix & elliptic Equalizer

In combination with the Stereo Mastering Set's the ToolMod M/S processor offers a rich set of additional processing features.

Price Example:
M/S Processor Set MSP
M/S Equalizer TM134
M/S Compressor TM132
M/S Matrix TM130m
1U Frame + Power Supply
Price: € 3381.00
without Power Supply and Cable the Price is reduced by € 246.00
excl. of VAT and Shipping
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The ToolMod stereo mastering modules use many of the special circuitries that have been developed and optimized for the V700 mastering gear. They offer important features of this module system that has been designed especially for mastering studios. Due to the construction principle of the ToolMod system without extensive and expensive mechanics, fancy knobs, massive, machined faceplates and stainless steal housings along with higher production quantities result in the plain appearance of a normal console but make possible to offer a complete stereo mastering setup with compressor, equalizer and limiter at a price that is lower than a single module of the V700 series.

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