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It is obvious that the number of possible combinations of ToolMod modules is countless. In addition to the more special ToolMod sets M/S Processor, M/S Stereo Microphone Preamp, the ToolMod Input Channel Strip, and the ToolMod Stereo Mastering Sets we would like to present two other ToolMod sets:

The ToolMod Dynamics Set combines 3 Compressors, a Noise-Gate and a Limiter.

ToolMod 5-Packs combine five identical modules. The picture shows a 5-Pack with five TM112 Compressors

  • 5-Packs with five identical ToolMod Modules in a 1U-high Frame
  • Dynamics Sets with Compressors, Limiters, and Noise Gates
  • fully modular Input Channels Strips with different Features
  • 5-Band and 3-Band Equalizers
  • Stereo Versions are possible as well
ToolMod Quad Stack with 4 1U high Frames >4 ToolMod 1U Sets with Channel Strip Modules, Dynamics and EQs
Of course the ToolMod system allows any combination of modules. The ToolMod sets on this page simply show some examples of popular combinations for usual applications.

ToolMod 5-Packs

Five ToolMod 2U analog audio modules can be combined in a 1U high frame. Some common versions, the 5-Pack Mic Pre and the 5-Pack Compressor, use five identical moduesl. This setup is possible with all 2U modules. The picture shows two 5-Packs with the TM112 Compressor.

The price examples on the right side show the total prices, including power supply for 5-packs with 5 TM101 Mic Pre's and 5 TM112 Compressors.

Mic PreCompressor

ToolMod Dynamic Set

The ToolMod Dynamic Set is a combination of modules for dynamic processing. The set contains three TM112 Compressors, a TM116 Noise Gate TM116 and a TM115 Peak Limiter.

Noise GatePeak Limiter

In addition to the 1HE sets, it is also possible to set up any combination in 2U high and 4U high frames.

The ToolMod processing devices and preamps are identical to the equipment that is used in our large format mixing consoles for music production. They are based on our 30-year experience in the design of pro audio devices and mixing consoles. Continuous improvement and extensive user feedback results in well-engineered equipment that is best suited for the particular application.
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Price Examples:
5 Pack Compressor
5 x Compressor TM112
1U Frame + Power Supply
Price: € 2241.00
5 Pack Mic Pre
5 x Mic Pre TM101
1U Frame + Power Supply
Price: € 2766.00
without Power Supply and Cable the Price is reduced by € 246.00
excl. of VAT and Shipping
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