ToolMod Pro Audio Frames

Four different Versions of ToolMod Frames are available.

Any combination of modules for all applications is possible with the ToolMod Pro Audio System. The four different ToolMod Frames offer well suited solutions for systems of any size.

ToolMod Frames:
  • 1U-high Frame
    for 5 horizontal 2U Modules
  • 2U-high Frame
    for 11 vertical 2U Modules

  • 4U-high Frame
    for 22 vertical 2U Modules
  • 6U-high Frame
    for 33 vertical 2U Modules
The 1U high frame is designed for horizontal installation of the ToolMod Pro Audio devices. If can hold up to five size 2U modules.
Side View of a ToolMod 1U high Frame
It is possible to install 4U modules in 2 adjacent module compartsments of the 1U high frame. Removable spacers make it possible to configure the 1U high frame for one or two 4U modules. Due to the low price, the 1U high frame is the best choice for a channel strip, a mastering processor, or any other small system with some modules. A ToolMod system in 1U high frames can be reconfigured easily. All module sizes can be installed. Upgrade is possible at any time. The 2U high frame can only be used with 2U modules. The frame can house 11 vertical modules. The price per compartment is lower than the price per compartment of the 1U high frame; 11 instead of 10 modules fit into 2 rack spaces.
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1U high Frame € 195.00
2U high Frame € 345.00
4U high Frame € 495.00
6U high Frame € 795.00
without Blindpanels and Spacers
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2U high ToolMod Frame with Modules
This frame is best suited for many 2U modules in a compact way at low cost. In addition, it makes possible to arrange many modules similar to console channels strip, with a stack of 2U and 4U frames for pre amps and processing gear.   ...more on the 2U high ToolMod Frame
The 4U high ToolMod Frame can house size 2U and size 4U modules as well. If offers plenty of space for extensive setups with many modules. There are 11 compartments for size 4U modules. Each compartment can be used for two size 2U units, coupled by a spacer. In total, 22 size 2U modules can be installed. All necessary connectors are available on the rear panel.
...all about the 4U high ToolMod Frame ToolMod 4U high Frame with 2U and 4U Modules
ToolMod 6U high Frame
The ToolMod 6U-high frame combines a 4U- and 2U-high frame into a single unit for very extensive ToolMod systems. With the capacity to house up to 33 2U modules and the possibility to install a 4U module above or below a 2U module using spacers, the 6U-high frame is best suited for combination of mic-pre's with equalizers or eq's with dynamics in a 'console-like' layout.
Front View of the 6U-high Frame Rear View of the 6U-high Frame


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horizontal and vertical ToolMod Modules

All ToolMod Pro Audio Modules can be installed in 1U high frames horizontally and in 2U high and 4U high frames vertically. The modules are available with horizontal or vertical faceplates. However, modules with vertical faceplates can be installed in 1U high frames as well as modules with horizontal faceplates can be installed in 2U high and 4U high frames without problems. Apart from the rotated lettering and the orientation of the knobs, the modules are fully functional.