VAT Handling

Unless otherwise stated all prices on this website are exclusive of VAT. If we are comitted to charge VAT or not depends on the shipping country. Here is information on VAT handling in detail:

No VAT for shipment to countries outside the European Union.

If the destination country is not member of the European Union, no VAT will be charged. However; it might be possible that you have to pay an import tax or a customs fee. We cannot and do not collect foreign taxes or fees. Please, get in touch with your local authorities to get reliable information on that.

VAT Handling for the European Union.

If you are resident in the European Union but not in Germany and run a business you'll usually have a valid European VAT ID number.

If you provide a valid European VAT-ID number no VAT has to be charged.

If you are a private customer, which means that you don't have a VAT-ID number, we are committed to add German VAT to the grand total of an order.

VAT has to be added for shipment to Germany.

If you are resident in Germany, VAT has to be charged independent of your VAT-ID number, since adt-audio is resident in Germany. The VAT will be listed in your invoice so it is a value added tax on input for you that is refundable by German tax authorities.