Stereo Mastering Sets BM and MSM

The Stereo Mastering Set BM combines the TM205 Stereo Mastering Equalizer with the TM222 Stereo Mastering Compressor and the TM215b Stereo Peak Limiter. The set contains the most important devices for mastering in a 1U high frame. The almost identical Mastering Set BMB uses the Stereo Limiter TM215 instead of the advanced version TM215b. The TM204 fully parametric 4-Band Mastering EQ with bypass switches per band can be installed instead.

With the Mastering Set MSM the Limiter is replaced by the mastering version TM130m of the M/S Matrix that adds possibilities for the influencing of the spatial image of a stereo signal. This set also includes the TM222 Stereo Mastering Compressor and the TM205 Stereo Mastering Equalizer or the TM204 4-Band Mastering EQ.

  • special 1U-high Sets for Stereo Mastering
  • 4-Band fully parametric Mastering Equalizer
  • 5-Band Mastering EQ with 3 fully parametric Bands
  • Stereo Mastering Compressor
  • Stereo Mastering
    Peak Limiter
  • M/S Direction Mixer
  • elliptical Equalizer
  • M/S Mastering Compressor
  • M/S Mastering Equalizer

Stereo Mastering Set with 5-Band Mastering EQ, Mastering Compressor, and Stereo Peak Limter TM215b
ToolMod Mastering Set with, Stereo Mastering EQ, Stereo Compressor, and Mastering Limiter TM215b
Stereo Mastering Set with Limiter TM215
ToolMod Mastering Set with 5-Band Mastering Equalizer, and Mastering Compressor, and Limiter TM215
Stereo Mastering Set with M/S-Matrix, Equalizer, and Compressor
ToolMod Mastering Set with M/S Matrix, 5-Band Stereo-EQ, and Mastering Compressor
It is obvious that the ToolMod system can be used to combine any kind of modules in any desired way. The ToolMod Stereo Mastering sets are some examples of setups for this purpose. The pictures show three versions of the stereo mastering set, the ToolMod BM, BMB, and the ToolMod MSM stereo mastering set with m/s matrix.

Stereo Mastering with ToolMod Pro Audio

These ToolMod Stereo Mastering Sets show possible combinations of ToolMod modules for mastering applications.

The Stereo Mastering Set BM combines 5 Band TM205 Stereo Equalizer, TM222 Stereo Mastering Compressor and TM215b Stereo Peak Limiter. All important processing devices that can be used with any kind of mastering are included. Effective equalization features, global corrections as well as subtle shaping, are combined with extensive dynamics processing set. The Mastering Set BMB offers the same features but the Mastering Peak Limiter Stereo Limiter TM215. The fully parametric 4-Band Mastering EQ TM204 can be installed instead of the TM205 5-band version.

Stereo Mastering Equalizer

4-Band Mastering Equalizer

Stereo Mastering Peak LimiterStereo Mastering EqualizerM/S Matrix

The Mastering Set MSM also uses the TM205 Stereo Equalizer or the TM204 fully parametric 4-Band Mastering EQ and the Mastering Compressor but the limiter is replaced by the M/S Matrix with Stereo Direction Controller TM130. This set offers the additional feature of influencing the spatial image of the stereo signal effectively. The elliptical equalizer of the M/S matrix maintains a centered bass fundament and mono compatibility.

Stereo Mastering Compressor

The M/S Stereo Mastering Processor is an alternative to the mastering set that offers very special features for the modificatio of the spatial image of a stereo signal.

ToolMod M/S Processor 4-Band M/S Equalizer, M/S Compressor, and with M/S Matrix with elliptic E
ToolMod M/S Processor with 4-Band M/S Equalizer, M/S Compressor, and M/S Matrix with elliptic EQ

The M/S Processor comes with a special, fully parametric 4-Band equalizer that operates in the m/s path and makes possible to enhance or reduce the base width depending on the setting of the eq bands. The M/S Mastering Compressor adds a wide variety of features to the TM222 Stereo Mastering Compressor. The M/S Processor is completed by the mastering version of the M/S Matrix with elliptic equalizer TM130m. Such systems can also be installed in a vertical 4U high frame that offers enough space for additional modules and additional functions.
... more on the ToolMod M/S Processor

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Stereo Mastering
Set BM

Equalizer TM205
Compressor TM222
Limiter TM215b
1U Frame + Power Supply
Price: € 2746.00
Stereo Mastering

Equalizer TM205
Compressor TM222
Limiter TM215
1U Frame + Power Supply
Price: € 2616.00
Stereo Mastering

M/S Direction Mixer TM130
Equalizer TM205
Compressor TM222
1U Frame + Power Supply
Price: € 2736.00
without Power Supply and Cable the Price is reduced
by € 246.00
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The ToolMod stereo mastering modules use many of the special circuitries that have been developed and optimized for the V700 mastering gear. They offer important features of this module system that has been designed especially for mastering studios. Due to the construction principle of the ToolMod system without extensive and expensive mechanics, fancy knobs, massive, machined faceplates and stainless steal housings along with higher production quantities result in the plain appearance of a normal console but make possible to offer a complete stereo mastering setup with compressor, equalizer and limiter at a price that is lower than a single module of the V700 series.

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