Input Channel Strips
with ToolMod Pro Audio Gear

A range of Input Channel Strips can be combined with ToolMod analog audio gear. The pictures show a combination with the TM101 Mic Pre, the TM112b VCA Compressor, the TM105 Equalizer and either the TM116 Noise-Gate or the TM115 brickwall Limiter; just as two examples.

Using the TM107 3-Band EQ, which is a 2U module, 5 modules can be combined in the 1U high frame. A combination with mic pre, compressor, noise gate, eq, and limiter is possible.

  • modular Input Channel Strips with ToolMod Pro-Audio Modules
  • transformer Mic-Pre's or discrete Mic-Pre's
  • 5-Band or 3-Band Equalizer
  • versatile VCA Compressor
  • Noise Gate
  • Peak Limiter
ToolMod Channel Strip
ToolMod Channel Strip with Mic-Pre, 5-Band-EQ, Compressor, and Noise-Gate
ToolMod Channel Strip
ToolMod Channel Strip with Mic-Pre, 5-Band-EQ, Compressor, and Limiter
It is obvious that the ToolMod system can be used to combine any kind of modules in any desired way. The ToolMod sets are some examples of setups for common applications. The picture shows a ToolMod Channel Strip with mic pre, DI, compressor and equalizer.

ToolMod Input Channel Strips

It is a matter of course that ToolMod Pro Audio Modules are best suited to combine high-grade channels strips in any desired way. The ToolMod Channel Strip CS combines a TM101 Transformer Mic Pre, a TM105 Equalizer, a TM112b VCA Compressor with either a Noise-Gate TM116 or a brickwall Limiter TM115. The Peak Limiter TM115b can be used alternatively.

Due to the additional line input of the pre-amplifiers, the compressor, the equalizer, and the noise gate or limiter can be used for processing in the mix. The line input of the TM101 mic pre allows the selection between recording and mixing without the need of a patch bay.


Mic PreVCA Compressor

The TM116 Noise-Gate, a brickwall Limtier TM115, or the TM115b Peak-Limiter can be installed in one of the module compartments.

Noise GateDI Box

Another alternative is the TM102 discrete Mic Pre that can be used instead of the transformer mic pre TM101. In combination with the TM107 3-Band Equalizer, five instead of four modules fit into the 1U high frame. In this case, combinations with the TM103 DI Amplifier, noise gate, and a limiter are possible.

discrete Mic PrePeak Limiter

Price Example:
ToolMod Channel Strip
with Noise-Gate
Mic Pre TM101
Equalizer TM105
Compressor TM112
Noise Gate TM116
1U Frame + Power Supply
Price: € 2011.00
ToolMod Channel Strip
with Limiter
Mic Pre TM101
Equalizer TM105
Compressor TM112
Limiter TM115
1U Frame + Power Supply
Price: € 1971.00
without Power Supply and Cable the Price is reduced by € 246.00
excl. of VAT and Shipping
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The ToolMod processing devices and preamps are identical to the equipment that is used in our large format mixing consoles for music production. They are based on our 30-year experience in the design of pro audio devices and mixing consoles. Continuous improvement and extensive user feedback results in well-engineered equipment that is best suited for the particular application.


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