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Analog Audio Module Systems

The analog Audio Module Systems V700, INTEGRATOR and TOOLMOD are based on more than 25 year tradition of German audio technology. These 'cassette' systems offer a full range of devices for every pro audio application. Front ends, high-end audio mastering sets, and customized consoles and frames can be combined based on these systems. Our Module Systems offer the best combination of superior sound quality and universality.

Standard rack-mounted frames, custom frames and a full range of accessories are available.

Stereo Mastering Dynamics Processor
In addition to the standard frames for the audio module systems V700 and Integrator we manufacture custom build versions

All Audio Module system are based on the modules that were designed for our range of audio consoles that were made in the very beginning of adt-audio in 1978. At that time module based console were the standard design for professional audio mixing consoles.

All these consoles were custom build by combining standard modules with custom build additional devices to meet the requirement for the particular application.

Between 1978 and 1984 many 'cassette' based mixing consoles were delivered and a range of approximately 200 different modules was available. Read the History Page for more information on these consoles.

V700 and Integrator are a redesign of these modules that offer the choice to use the modules not only for custom build consoles but for front-ends, processing chains and stereo mastering at the highest level of performance by using the standard rack-mounted frames.

What makes ToolMod less expensive?

The ToolMod Pro Audio System uses the same circuitry as the Integrator system, the same microphone input tramsformers, semiconductors and components. However, ToolMod has no extensive metal work, CNC machined tooled 15 mm massive aluminum top plate, no anodized, massive alumium knobs, stainless steel housings, engraved and hand-colored fascia and all the other expensive accessories of the V700 and Integrator audio modules that do not affect the sound performance and the technical spec's but the price. All Integrator and V700 modules are handcrafted by qualified personnel, while the ToolMod gear is made in higher quantities in the same way as the modules and frames of our audio mixing consoles.

All this together results in a ToolMod price that is a lot lower than the price of an Integrator module with the same feature set , same sound performance and the same technical properties.

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Premium Quality Audio Modules
V700 Frane with Stereo Mastering and Fron-End Modules
All V700 Audio Modules are based on adt-audio's double balanced technology, which uses an internally balanced circuit design. Inputs and outputs of the devices are transformer balanced using Haufe made, oversized torodial transformers of the highest quality. More than 120 dB of Dynamic Range and Headroom are the result of this extensive technique that uses a stereo circuit as a mono device.

Sophisticated analog audio mastering devices allow the treatment of audio signals in uncommon ways. Complex M/S processing, phase manipulation, dynamic equalizing, sophiticated special dynamic processors and filters are availbale as well as universal harmonic distortion generators to simulate tube sounds and tape saturation effects of any kind.

A range of mic preamps, EQ's and dynamic processors in mono and stereo offer the choice to combine versatile high-end analog audio front ends. An ultra low noise mic preamp, 5 band EQ's with 24 dB control range, a combined compressor - limiter - noise gate dynamic processor are only a few expamples.

In addition to audio modules that can be used stand alone there is another range of modules for customized consoles.

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modular Audio
Integrator Frame with Modules
The Integrator Modular Audio System offers a range of devices to build up small to medium mixing consoles, primarily for the use in a DAW studio environment. It offers input channels and master modules for stereo and 5.1 surround format and a range of mic preamps, DI amps, equalizers, and dynamic processors. In addition a full range of control room units, meters, and patch bays are available. Complete custom configured DAW front ends and analog mix down systems are possible in many versions with the Integrator System at reasonable prices.

While the V700 Modules were designed to squeeze out the last dB of headroom, dynamic range, and performance with no respect to any economical aspect, the Integrator system offers the same principles of construction and the same variability but leaves out the extremly expensive torodial transformers and the extensive dual balanced technique.

The result is a system that offers a similar sound performance and is much more affordable than a the V700. Of course, an Integrator system can be combined with V700 and vice versa. Both series use the same power supply units and connection systems.

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Pro Audio Modules
ToolMod 4U high vertical Frame
The ToolMod Pro Audio Gear is the latest addition in the range of adt-audio's module systems. ToolMod offers a range of mic pre's, equalizers, dynamic processors like compressor, noise gate and limiter and stereo mastering devices as well.

Since ToolMod uses the same circuitry as Integrator but leaves out the extensive metal work of the other audio module systems, this system offers a range of pro audio gear with the same tonal and technical benefits of the Integrator system at a price that also fits into the budget of a small studio.

The common Integrator pre amps, equalizers and compressors are also available as ToolMod units.

A range of ToolMod Stereo Modules for Stereo Mastering with a versatile Stereo Mastering Compressor, Stereo Mastering EQ Stereo Peak Limiter and a MS Matrix is now available.
ToolMod 1U Frame
All ToolMod devices fit into the 1U high frame and the vertical frames that are available in 2U and 4U high format. Top plates with horizontal and vertical lettering are available.

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ToolMod modular analog Mixing

Audio Module Systems versus Audio Mixing Consoles

Audio Module Systems are of advantage if you are looking for a small system, a stereo mastering chain, some special devices, some mic pre's, or a very small mixing console that must not include all master functions like control room monitoring, playback and talkback. With such applications the audio module systems offer the choice to single out exactly what you need. You don't have to pay for anything that is just part of a device if you are only interested in a single stage or a special function of that unit. In addition audio module system make possible to buy a mixing console with a budget that is very low since it is possible to focus on the most necessary functions at the beginning and upgrade the system later, step by step, from time to time. The same principle is also possible with a conventional mixing console; however, the basic cost of the console includes a master and monitor section, the console's frame, a power supply that is sufficient for the entire system, metering, perhaps a patch bay and accessories that are not needed in the very begiining but result in a startup price that is a lot higher.


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