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Peak Limiter TM115b

Extremely fast Peak-Limiter with additional Features

The TM115 is a very fast mono peak limiter that can catch fast peaks and comes with additional features for better handling of the physical limitation of analog limiting.

The Peak Limiter is fast enough to react within the first half wave of a 20 kHz signal and works without colorization and does not change the sound under regulation.

The TM115b is the mono version of the TM215b Stereo Mastering Peak Limiter

  • Brickwall-Limiter
  • can be used as Limiter or aggresive Compressor
  • Threshold -10 to +20 dB
  • very fast Attack
  • Release from 0.05 to 3 s
  • Ratio 50:1 over 10 dB
  • Headroom + 30 dBu
  • Dynamic Range
    124 dBA/121 dBRMS
Peak Limiter Peak Limiter TM115

Like the TM115 Brickwall-Limiter, the TM115b is a feedforward controlled limiter that uses a special, ultra fast peak rectifier circuitry. In addition to the features of the TM115 Brickwall-Limiter

The peak limiter operates free from any colorization of the audio signal or similar effects. The sound will not changes under regulation.

The device has independent controls for the Threshold, the Static Attack and the Low Frequency Attack, the Static and Dynamic Release time, and the output Gain.

The threshold can be adjusted in the range from - 10 dB to + 20 dB. The 0 dB position is internally calibrated. The additional Vernier pot for the fine adjustment of the Threshold has a range of +/- 2 dB and a calibrated center click at 0 dB.

The Static Attack control allows variation from 20 µsec to 7 ms. The additional LF Attack pot allows better handling of possible low frequency attack distortion when using short release time settings. Please change over to the Stereo Version TM215b for details on the LF Attack feature.

The Static Release time control has a range from 50 ms to 3 sec. The additional Dynamic Release pot modulates the static release time depending on the density of the signal. With high density signals, the release time will be increased more or less depending on the position of the Dynamic Release pot.

Due to the huge control ranges of all parameters, the peak limiter is well suited to be used as a 'hard-clip' compressor with slower attack settings as well. With this mode, the peak limiter behaves like a compressor with a high ratio setting that operates 'close' to the signal.

The TM115 is a 2U ToolMod device that fits into all ToolMod frames. As usual, horizontal and vertical versions are available.

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