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Pro Audio Gear

adt-audio offers an extensive range of Pro Audio Gear in rack-mounted 19" format. The ToolMod Pro Audio Gear offers a palette of mic pre's and processing units in mono and stereo that can be combined in any desired way.

NEW - ToolMod modular analog Mixing Console fill the gap between the ToolMod Pro Audio Modules and the analog summing boxes with a professional but affordable modular mixing system

Analog Summing Boxes and Mixers ToolMix are available in several different versions. ToolMix makes possible to build up analog summing system for use with a DAW with more than 100 inputs by coupling any number of 1U high ToolMix boxes.

The complete Channel Strip ToolKit combines mic pre, line pre, high-pass / low-pass filters, compressor, noise gate with side filters, EQ and limiter in a 1U high unit. All these tools together in combination with best tonal qualities and superior technical specs make the ToolKit an universal device for every application.

All Pro Audio devices share + 30 dBu headroom and a dynamic range of more than 120 dB-RMS with all processing devices.

ToolMod Pro Audio Gear
ToolMod 4HE Rahmen mit Pro Audio ModulenSummenkompressor TM222
The ToolMod Pro Audio Modules offer a range of mic pre's, equalizers, compressors, limiters, noise gates as well as stereo mastering devices like the mastering compressor TM222, the stereo mastering EQ TM205 and the M/S stereo matrix with direction and base width control TM130. It is possible to combine the ToolMod units in horizontal and vertical frames in any way. See the pictures above and below for some examples. The high grade ToolMod Pro Audio Modules combine best possible sound performance and sophisticated processing facilities at an affordable price. All ToolMod Pro Audio Modules share + 30 dBu headroom and more than 120 dB dynamic range
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   NEW - ToolMod modular analog Mixing Console
ToolMod Channel Strip im 1HE Gehäuse

ToolMix Analog Summing

Set mit analogen Summieren ToolMix8 ToolMix16 und ToolMst
ToolMix offers a range of analog summing gear with 8 or 16 mono inputs and a version with 16 stereo inputs. All these 1U high units can be used stand-alone or in combination with any other summing box of the ToolMix series. The ToolMix16 summing box has 16 mono inputs with precisely calibrated level and pan controls. ToolMix32 offers the same features but ist has 16 stereo inputs, The summing mixer ToolMix8 has 8 mono inputs with line gain, balanced, buffered insert, and two aux sends. in addition to level and pan. The gain throughout the entire signal chain is precilse calibrated which makes it easy to mirror a DAW mix to the analog summing boxes while it is still possible to set level and pan manually. The couple port of the summing boxes is compatible with all ToolMix versions. Each unit can be used as master or slave for any set of ToolMix analog summing devices. You can start with a single unit and upgrade the system at any time. The number of units in a system is not limited. The Master and Monitor Unit ToolMst can be used together with ToolMix summing boxes to add a master chain with 4 additional stereo inputs, master fader and insert, a fully fledged control room regulator section with source seletor, a playback stage with headphone and speaker outputs and a talkback amplifier with build in microphone. Of course, the ToolMst can also be used stand alone.
analog Summing in Detail
   NEW - ToolMod modular analog Mixing Console

Channel Strip ToolKit
Channel Strip Toolkit
The ToolKit Input Channel Strip is a unique device that combines pre amp and all the audio processing stages in a 1U high unit. The ultra low noise, transparent, transformer balanced mic pre is combined with an additional line input, a high-pass low-pass filter section, a sophisticated compressor, a noise gate with high-pass and low-pass filter, a 5 band adt-audio, Vienna Bridge based equalizer, an insert for external equipment and a very fast brickwall limiter. The proven audio components of our console modules make this channel strip very attractive for any application.
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Multiband EQ ToolmstEQ
Multiband EQ
The ToolMstEQ is a multiband EQ that was primarily designed for live sound applications. Since the unit is now available in a mono and a stereo version, it can also be used as versatile stereo mastering equalizer very well. The multiband EQ combines 8 fully parametric EQ bands with high-pass and low-pass filters and shelving Hi-/Low EQ's with selectabel edge steepness and adjustable edge frequencies.
Stereo Master Compressor ToolMDyn
Stereo Master Compressor
The ToolMDyn is a stereo master compressor limiter with a build in high resolution peak meter. The unit can be used as a master compressor for live sound applications or in combination with other adt-audio Tool devices; for example as stereo master compressor and main meter together with the ToolMst master and monitor unit.

Pro Audio Gear by adt-audo comes directly from our large format consoles and from the Integrator 'cassette' range of products. There is no difference as far as sound performance and technical specifications are concerned. Only the mechanical format is different.

30 years of experience in the design and construction of very high quality professional audio equipment and analog audio mixing consoles went into adt-audio's range of pro audio gear. It is easy to comprehend that each and every single stage has been improved and optimized many time over many years. Permanent development and improvement result in a superior level of performance for all our equipment.


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