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Analog Stereo Mastering Processing Gear
adt-audio ToolMod MS and BM

Translation of a test review from German Studio-Magazin by
Dieter Kahlen

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Analog Stereo Mastering Processing Gear adt-audio Toolmod MS and BM

During the last years, German console manufacturer adt-audio merchandises his analog audio knowledge not only in the mixing consoles where the roots of the gear are but also in a wide range of audio module systems and rack-mounted devices. This gear covers the range from the extremely extensive V700 module system to the ToolMod Series that offers a level of performance that is very close to V700 at a very attractive price. We had the opportunity to test the mono ToolMod pre amps and processing devices, which are primarily designed for use in front-ends for the processing of single channels about a year ago. Now, we found two very interesting sets combined from ToolMod units that are designed for the treatment of stereo signals. In addition to the standard treatment of comparable rack-mounted gear, these units offer unusual ways of signal processing and manipulation that most of the digitally oriented users would not assume to be possible with old-fashioned analog audio technique.

ToolMod MS is a stereo input channel strip for use with stereo microphones in M/S mode that includes EQ and additional features like M/S based stereo direction controller and elliptical equalizer; ToolMod BS refers to stereo mastering users who are looking for cost effective but professional gear. Since ToolMod is a modular system, the module combinations of these sets are only examples for a whole range of combinations that are possible with the extensive range of ToolMod modules. Both units demonstrate a perfect form of understatement – you will not notice at first glance that the gear offers a best-suited stereo mastering combination with parametric 5-band equalizer, compressor and limiter with all bells and whistles in 1u high 19“ format...

ToolMod BM and ToolMod MS Stereo Mastering Processors

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