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Noise Gate with Filters

Control Elements Details and Specials
1 Threshold Control, determines the switching level of the gate.
If the input level is higher than the Threshold setting, the gate opens. The control range is from +20 dB to -40 dB
Key Insert
The Key Insert make possible to integrate external processing gear into the control loop of the noise gate. External EQ's or other filters can be used to modifiy the behaviour of the noise gates frequency response in addition to the internal high-pass and low-pass filters. It is also possible to control the entire noise gate by an external audio signal that is connected to the key input.

Like the audio input and output, the Key Insert is electronically balanced and able to handle levels of + 30 dBu.

The key insert is activated by the push pull switch of the threshold pot. A LED indicates the on state.

2 Push-pull switch of the threshold pot to activate the KEY Input, with LED indicator.
- see Details and Specials for more
3 Attack Control with range from .01 ms to 20 ms
determines the fade-in speed when the input level exceeds threshold
4 Hold Control with range from 20 ms to 2 sec
determines the time the gate remains open when the input level drops below threshold.
5 Release Control with range from 50 ms to 3 sec
determines the fade-down speed after the level drops below threshold; the release time starts at the end of the hold time
6 Range Control
determines the attenuation when the gate is closed
control range from 0 dB (= Gate not active) to 70 dB
7 SCL = Side Chain Listen function
activated by the push-pull switch of the range pot
Routs the key input signal to the output of the gate.
this function is helpful to check the setting of the internal filters and the key signal
8 Wide-range high-pass filter in the Side Chain
controls the lower corner frequency
range < 40 Hz to 8 kHz, steepness 12 dB/oct.
9 Wide-range low-pass filter in the Side Chain
controls the für upper corner frequency,
range > 15 kHz to 50 Hz, steepness 12 dB/oct.
10 LED-chain with 5 LED's as function indicator
Green: Gate open
Yellow: Hold time running
3 x Red: Gate closed, attenuation 12, 20, or 30 dB
11 Bypass switch