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L/R - M/S Matrix
ToolMod Pro Audio - TM131
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L/R - M/S Matrix TM131

Control Elements Details and Specials
1 Gain Switch
The 3-position lever switch sets the conversion level to - 6 dB, 0 dB, or + 6 dB.

If you convert a L/R stereo signal with 0 dB, the phase correlation of the stereo signal determines the output level. With a typical stereo mix you will get a little less than + 6 dB on the M output, while the level of the S is lower, depending on the base width of the stereo image. The higher output level of the M channel reduces the headroom. To maintain the original headroom, set the level to - 6 dB when the matrix is used for L/R to M/S conversion.

Converting from M/S to L/R with a setting of 0 dB results in approx. the same levels of M, L, and R. This is the standard setting.

The level of M/S conversion is not standarized; you may experience different levels if you are using the TM131 with other units for format conversion. To maintain a sufficient headroom and dynamic range, check the levels. Use a mono signal with identical in the and right channel and the level of the M output to get an idea of the conversion level. Some units produce 6 dB gain; if this is the case you need to set the gain - 6 dB if you use the TM131 to re-convert from M/S to L/R.
The TM131 L/R - M/S Matrix can be used to convert a common L/R stereo signal to the M/S format or to convert a M/S stereo signal to left-right stereo. No switching is required.


2 Bypass switch für the entire unit