Control Elements
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Compressor with Envelope, Soft Knee, and Crest

Control Elements Details and Specials
1 Threshold Control
regulation takes place with input levels above threshold
control range +15 dB to -32 dB
The Crest setting affects the behaviour of the ac/dc converter.

The Envelope Control can reduce the distortion of low frequency signals with short release time settings that is based on physical side effects. All frequencies below the scale setting of the envelope control are affected by this function.

Side Chain Insert
The Side Chain Insert allows to integrate external equalizers and filters into the regulation loop of the compressor. These units can modify the frequency response of the regulation and therefore the entire behaviour of the compressor.

Like audio inputs and outputs, the side chain insert is electronically balanced and can handle levels of + 30 dBu.

Autogain is an analog computation circuitry that compensates the loss of gain caused by the setting of the compressor. The calculation is based on the settings of threshold, ratio and attack.

2 Crest Selector
RMS - long integration time, RMS characteristics
Peak - short integration time, peak characteristics
M - medium integration time, compromize between peak and RMS
- see Details and Specials for more
3 Attack control with range from .1 ms to 30 ms for 10 dB attenuation
determines the response time of the regulation to an increase in level
4 The push-pull switch of the threshold control activates the side chain insert. The function is indicated by a LED.
- see Details and Specials for more
5 Envelope Control
improves the compression of low frequency signals
range 0 = Off to 120 Hz
- see Details and Specials for more
6 Release control with range from 50 ms to 3 sec. Determines how fast the compressor reduces the attenuation when the input signal drops down.
7 Ratio Control, adjust the compression ratio for signals above threshold.
control range 1:1 = no compression
2:1 = a signal of 10 dB above threshold is reduced to 5 dB
20 : 1 , quasi limiter operation, 10 dB above threshold is reduced to 0.5 dB
8 Disables the Autogain function by the push-pull switch of the ration control.
- see Details and Specials for more
9 Soft-Knee control with range from 0 dB to 12 dB. In the 0 dB position, the transition from the unregulated level range below threshold to the regulated range above threshold is hard. Any other position causes a soft knee characteristics, which means that the transition takes place over a level range that matches the setting of the control.
10 Bypass switch
11 Gain control with calibrated center position and center detent, range > +/- 20 dB. The gain control affects the output level post compressor
12 LED chain with 5 LED's, displays the actual gain reduction
display range from 1 dB to 20 dB