ToolMod analog Mixing Console
Console Arrangements with ToolMod Modules

Though the ToolMod Console is a line mixing system that can be used universally with all kinds of external preamps and processing devices, size and appearance matches perfectly with the ToolMod Pro Audio Module system. Combinations with the ToolMod Console and ToolMod Frames can be used to arrange a conventional but modular console of almost any size and layout. From including just eq's or mic pre's in some channels to a fully fledged console with input modules with mic pre, extensive equalizer, compressor, noise gate and limiter, everything is possible

We have not made any standard configurations for such combinations as yet, since we don't see any standard that fits for everyone. The most important issue is that you can start at low cost and upgrade and reconfigure the system at any time, in any way you like. The configurations below are just to give you an idea what is possible. Here are three examples of such combinations that also include a meter bridge.

The image below shows an arrangement with 2 4U high ToolMod Frames. Such a system can be used with the vertical versions of mic-pre, compressor, and 5-band equalizer. If the mic-pre is not required, a noise-gate or a limiter can be added. This processing arrangement is also possible with stereo modules.

ToolMod Console Arrangement with 2 4U high ToolMod Frames 

Here is another example, again with console frame and meter bridge but a 4U high ToolMod Frame and a 2U high ToolMod Frame. Such a combination can be used with 5-Band EQ and Compressor per channel. Alternatively any combination of 2U ToolMod modules can be used as well.

ToolMod Console Arrangement with 2U high and 4U high ToolMod Frames

A basic console configuration just adds one 4U high ToolMod. Either 2 2U ToolMod's or 1 4U ToolMod can be installed. This allows combinations like mic-pre and 3-band EQ, 3-band EQ and compressor, or a 5-band EQ.

Top View of the Triple.wide Frame

For details on the mixing frames, please use the links in the right column.

The compartments of the ToolMod frames above the master modules can be used to add mastering modules to the mix-master chain. These modules can be installed in the master insert and selected by the mix insert switch in the master module.

There are endless possible combination; if you are looking for something special that meets exactly your needs, please, get in touch.

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