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The Optifile console automation was a retrofit system, manufactured by French company AD Systeme. The company closed down in 1999 due to the fact that at that time affordable digital consoles offered many automation functions at a lower price.

The system was available in different versions and revisions from the middle of the 80th. The last version was the Optifile Tetra that was available in a 40 channel and a 64 channel version. Many Optifile systems are still in service. The systems are very reliable and include all basic fader/mute automation functions.

The usual way to include Optifle into a console was to install the vca boards of the manufacturer instead of the original faders.

At adt-audio, we offered Optifile as a low cost alternative to our own automation systems from the early 90ths. Our way of integrating Optifile was different from the standard procedure. Special vca fader versions and a range of input modules were and are available that fit directly together with the computer's vca control ports.

Even though we don't sell any Optifile systems anymore, nor do we have some in stock or can service defective systems, the automation interface of the ToolMod Console is compatible with the vca port of all existing Optifile versions.

If you have an Optifile or can get one from a second hand source, you don't need to have the vca boards. The ToolMod interface will work just with the computer, using special adaptor pcb's to convert the pinout of the ToolMod automation connectors to the Optifile pinout.

This might be a low cost alternative for automating the console with the basic fader/mute features.

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