ToolMod analog Mixing Console
Quad VCA Group Master Module

With the VCA Fader Modules with automation interface TM455 and TM456, which can be used with the input modules of the ToolMod Console, a hardware VCA group system is included that works without the automation computer. This system adds powerful VCA grouping features to the consoles. To use this system, the quad VCA Group Master module TM461, or the version with automation interface, TM462, must be installed in the console.

The VCA Groups Master TM461 has no automation interface. If you do not see any need for adding automation features to the console, this version is the best choice, since it's less expensive than the TM462, which is automation ready.

Quad VCA Group Master Module TM461

The module contains 4 group master faders and group cuts, the pcb with the electronics. The device can be installed below the master modules. Only one cable from the pcb to the bus pcb in the frame is necessary for the electrical installation.

The TM462 quad VCA Group Master with automation interface offers the same features but is automation ready.

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