ToolMod analog Mixing Console
Quad VU Meters

The Meters for the ToolMod Mixing Console fit into the special meter frame that can be mounted on top of the console or in a rack.

The TM485 is a quad block of precise VU meters with the standard range from + 3 dB to - 20 dB. The meters are active and do not load the source. They have the usual attack and release time of 300 ms and are adjusted to a reference level of + 6 dBu ~ + 4 dBV with 4 dB lead.

The quad VU Meters can be used with the mono input channel TM401, the inline input module TM402 , and the stereo input module TM403. With the stereo input modules, the meter will read a mono signal from both stereo channels. It is pointless to use the VU meters for peak detection; the attack time is too slow. They will not replace PPM's; however, the reading of a VU meter is proportional to the loudness and its a good idea to have some VU meters available.

Quad VU Meter TM485

Due to the fact that all meters of the ToolMod Console use the standardized 9-pin D-Sub connector, it is easy to set VU meters in parallel to the main meters for the stereo master and/or the control room, where ever they are installed.

The high impedance audio inputs of the VU meters are electronically balanced. The input level is adapted to the meter sends of the ToolMod Console. An internal trim pot allows to change the default level setting of 0 dB = 6 dBu ~ + 4 dBV + 4 dB lead in a range of +/- 10 dB. The attack and release time of 300 ms meets the requirements.

The audio inputs are available on four 9-pin D-Sub connectors on the module's pcb. The pinout of these connectors match to the pinout of the meter send connectors of the ToolMod Console frames. The power supply is daisy chained from meter module to meter module. The meter frames allow installation of mono and stereo meters as well as quad meter blocks and quad VU meter blocks in any combination.

The TM485 quad VU meter is best suited for mono and inline channels. The TM488, quad hi-res stereo LED PPM combines 4 stereo meters in one module. In addition, there are the stereo hi-res LED PPM TM482 and the mono LED PPM TM481. The quad hi-res stereo LED PPM TM484 can be used alternatively.

The meter can be used with the mono input and inline modules of the ToolMod Console. Of course, the entire range of meters can be used for any other purpose that requires analog meters as well.

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