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Since extensive internal wiring and/or expensive multilayer pcb's affects the price of a console frame considerably. The ToolMod mixing console offers the choice of customizing the connector panel. Apart from the mandatory connector panel of the master section that is part of each master frame, there are different types of cStandard Connector Panelonnector panels and backplanes for the input channels.

The standard input connector panel is included in the price of the input modules. All audio inputs and output are combined on a single 25-pin D-sub connector in the commonly used 'Tascam' pinout. This connector panel version adds no additional cost to the frame but requires that you provide special multicore cables.

Alternatively, a XLR/TRS version of the input connector is available. The panel fits together with mono and stereo input modules; however, we offer the panel with matching lettering for mono or stereo channels.

Backplane for 8 input channels


When using the ToolMod mixing console with a DAW, extensive wiring is usually necessary if the single module connector panels are installed. As an alternative we offer complete backplanes for 8 channels and for 4 channels. The picture shows the 8 channel backplane with 25-pin D-subs for DAW send and return, TRS jacks for the insert I/O's and XLR connectors for the mic and line inputs. These backplanes break out the connection of the single channels into 25-pin D-subs that allow direct connection with standard multicore cables that are commonly available to DAW's with the common 'Tascam' pinout. XLR connectors for the external pre-amps and TRS connectors for the inserts complete these backplanes. There are also patch-bay versions that use 25-pin d-subs also for the inserts.

The 4 channel backplanes are best suited for use with stereo input modules. The 25-pin D-subs for the DAW connection are arranged in the way that 4 stereo channels match to 8 D/A and A/D converter inputs and outputs. Of course these panels can also be used with mono modules. Patch-bay versions of these backplanes are available as well.

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Master Connector Panel

Master Connector PanelThe master connector panel is mandatory and includes all master inputs and outputs, the inputs and outputs of the monitor, and the playback/talkback module, and the power supply connectors. Power Outputs in standard ToolMod pinout allow connecting ToolMod Pro Audio Frames to the console's power supply unit as well.

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