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Master Module

The Master Module TM411 is the only mandatory module of the ToolMod console. It combines the main stereo master MIX, the aux masters AUX 1 to 6, the stereo CUE master, the PFL master and some additional status functions and additions, as well as a very basic meter.

TM411 Features in Brief

  • Stereo Master with 100 mm conductive plastic fader, balanced, switched stereo insert pre fader, and left-right trim control
  • Six aux master amplifiers with rotary master level controls, AFL switches and Cut switches
  • Stereo cue master amplifier with rotary master level control, master balance control with switch, AFL and Cut switches, master mono switch
  • Master switches for the two mute groups
  • VCA master trim with switch, for the control of the additional trim function in the automated fader modules
  • Basic stereo LED PPM that reads the stereo output and can be automatically switched over to the pfl master.
  • Outputs for external high-resolution meters
  • Optional ToolMix interface with switch. If this option is installed, it is possible to couple ToolMix summing gear to the console.

Aux Masters
The six aux master amplifiers are identical. They are connected to the corresponding aux busses of the console. Each master has a rotary master level control with a maximum gain of 6 dB, an AFL switch that routs the aux output signal to the pfl bus, and a Cut switch that mutes the output. The outputs are electronically balanced and can handle output levels of + 30 dBu.

Stereo Cue Master
The stereo cue master is connected to the cue busses of the ToolMod Console. In addition to the rotary, stereo level control with 6 dB maximum gain, there are a balance control and a mono switch. The balance control allows shifting the center position of the entire stereo send and to cut off one of the two stereo channels when the pot is all to the left or right. The pot operates with 0 dB center attenuation and is activated by the BAL switch.

The Mono switch adds both stereo channels to a mono signal. This feature is useful if the cue send is used in mono. With mono pressed, the position of the cue pans in the input modules it not relevant anymore.

The AFL switch routs the cue output signal to the pfl bus. The Cut switch mutes the entire cue send. The outputs are electronically balanced and can handle output levels of + 30 dBu.

The internal meter is a basic stereo LED PPM that reads the output level of the main stereo bus. The PFL switch activates automated switching to the pfl bus, if at least one pfl switch is pressed. Outputs for external high-resolution meters are available as well.

Stereo Master
The stereo master bus amps are connected to the main stereo bus rails of the ToolMod Console. The master insert is a balanced, switched, pre master fader insert point. The insert outputs and inputs can handle levels of +30 dBu. The output signals are always available, while the insert inputs are switched into the signal chain when the INS switch is pressed.

The stereo master fader is a conductive plastic audio fader with 12 dB maximum gain. The outputs of the stereo master are electronically balanced and can also handle levels of + 30 dBu.

The TRIM control makes possible to fine trim the left-right balance, to compensate little differences between the stereo channels. The range of this control is +/- 3 dB. It is activated by the TRIM switch.

VCA Master
If automated fader modules are installed the vca master trim feature is available. If allows to alter the gain of all vca's in the console at a time with the rotary control that has a control range of +/- 20 dB. The center position is calibrated to 0 dB and has a center click. The control is activated by a switch.

ToolMix Port
The optional ToolMix interface allows linking of ToolMix analog summing boxes to a ToolMod console. Adding ToolMix8, ToolMix16, or ToolMix32 mixers is an inexpensive way to increase the number of channels, if complex functions are not necessary. It is also possible to use the ToolMst monitor controller together with a ToolMod Console instead of installing the monitor module and the playback/talkback module.

If the optional interface is installed, the TOOLMIX switch enables the mixing port. The ToolMod Console is always the master. The ToolMix devices are linked with the standard linking cables.

Mute Groups
The master switches for the two mute groups, CUT A and CUT B are installed in the master module. The mute groups are available in all input modules and allow muting any number of channels at a time.

The PFL bus amp is also installed in the master module. The output can be switched to the internal meter. The output is also available in the optional monitor module and on the connector panel.

The PFL led indicates, that at least one pfl switch in the console is pressed.

Solo in Place
The Solo led indicates the state of the solo system. The OFF switch blocks the entire solo system when pressed.

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Master Module TM411


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The technology of the modular analog ToolMod Mixing Console by adt-audio comes directly from our large format consoles. There is no difference as far as sound performance and technical specifications are concerned. Only the mechanical format is different.

30 years of experience in the design and construction of very high quality, professional audio equipment and analog audio mixing consoles went into adt-audio's range of pro audio equipment. It is easy to comprehend that each single section has been improved and optimized many times over the years. Permanent development and improvement result in a superior level of performance for all our equipment.