ToolMod analog Mixing Console
Console Frames

There are three basic versions of the ToolMod Console frame. The standard rack-mounted 19" frame with 11 compartments, the double wide frame with 24 compartments and the triple wide frame with 37 module compartments. All frames can be linked in any way. If you start with a 19" frame, you can add any other frame version later and link it to the existing frame. The number of input channels is neither fixed nor limited. It just depends on the number of frames that you link. The only mandatory module is the master module that must exist once in a console. Anything else is up to you.

This table shows the capacity of the different frames:
Frame Version Master Frame Extension Frame
19" Standard Frame 8 Inputs + 3 master 11 Inputs
double-wide Frame 21 Inputs + 3 master 24 Inputs
triple-wide Frame 34 Inputs + 3 master 37 Inputs

Sectional Side View of the ToolMod Console Frame 

The images shows the sectional side view of the console frame. Click on the picture to open a high-resolution view in a new window.

The width of the three versions of the console frame is adapted to th 19" standard. The 19" versions fits into standard rack. The double-wide and triple-wide frames add the usual panel size of the rack sides to the 19" standard dimensions.

Double-wide frame with options

The image above shows the double-wide frame with optional wooden side panels and leather armrest. The image to the right shows the 19" standard frame and the image below shows the triple-wide frame. Please, click on the images to open high-resolution views in new windows.

Top View of the Triple.wide Frame

Internal Wiring
The ToolMod mixing console uses a frame pcb with industry standard DIN41612 connectors for all bus rails and the power supply rails. Extension connectors on both ends of the frame pcb make linking to other frame easy and reliable. The connections from the main module to the fader and the connectors are attached directly to the module pcb's. The main audio ground rail is a high cross section, braided copper wire to maintain lowest noise operation.

Connector Panels
The connector panels come with the modules. Several different versions are available. In addition to the single channel panels, there are backplanes that make the connection from and to the DAW and a patch-bay easy, since standard 25-pin d-sub cables can be used.
  ...more on the Connector Panels in general
  ...more on the Backplanes

The ToolMod Console Frame is basically a tabletop frame that can be rack-mounted by adding brackets to the side panels. The brackets can be installed in two ways, which are suited for the intergration in a table or in a rack. See the side view for details. Instead of the the rack-mount brackets, wooden side panels and a leather armrest are possible.

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Side View
Side View of the ToolMod Console Frame  
19" Version
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Top View of the 19" Frame
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Top View of the double-wide Version
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Power Supply

The ToolMod Mixing Console requires a special power supply unit that combines all necessary supply voltages in one device. Three versions with different capacity are available. The console power supply units can be used for ToolMod Pro Audio Modules and other Tool-Device. While the console should be supplied from a single power supply, ToolMod processing gear, ToolMix analog summing boxes, and other devices can have other power supply units without causing any problems.

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Master Frames & Extentions Frames

All frames are available as master frame or extension frame. The only difference is the three module compartments on the right side of a particular frame that is wired for the installation of the master modules with the master frame or for standard input modules with the extension frame. It is possible to link two or more master frames; however, it is neither possible nor meaningful to install more than one master module in a single console. If you link two master frames, you just need to make sure that only one master module is installed. Even though the connector set of the master module is different from the connectors of the input compartments, it is possible to install any type of input module also in the master module's compartment. Just the wiring has to be adapted to the master connectors.

This feature allows to split a linked console into several independ consoles. If you are using a large number of input modules in the studio, you can easily use one or two of your frames for live recording, while the rest can still be used in the studio with reduced number of channels. You only need an additional master module and a second power supply unit.