ToolMod analog Mixing Console
Quad VCA Group Master Module
with Automation Interface

With the VCA Fader Modules with automation interface TM455 and TM456, which can be used with the input modules of the ToolMod Console, a hardware VCA group system is included that works without the automation computer. This system adds powerful VCA grouping features to the consoles. To use this system, the quad VCA Group Master module TM461, or the version with automation interface, TM462, must be installed in the console.

The VCA Groups Master TM462 adds an automation interface to the features of the TM461 group master. As long as the automation computer is not installed, there is no difference between the two version. With the computer, the TM462 allow to automating the vca group masters just like any other fader.

Quad VCA Group Master Module with Automation Interface TM462

The module contains 4 group master faders and group cuts, the pcb with the electronics. The triple wide fader module can be installed below the master modules. Only one cable from the module pcb to the bus pcb in the frame is necessary for the electrical installation. With the automation computer, additional cables to the console interface are also necessary, of course.

The automation interface controls fader and cut. Each group master has a WRITE switch, that toggles the write state and an ISO switch that sets the particular group master in manual mode. Automation control is blocked in this mode, however, recording of fades and cuts is still possible when Write is active. Both switches have integrated LED indicators that display the actual state of the particular functions.

The TM461 quad VCA Group Master without automation interface offers the same features apart from the automation control.

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