ToolMod analog Mixing Console

The ToolMod Console can be completed with professional, high-resolution peak program meters and/or VU meters. These meters are installed in additional meter frames that can be mounted on top of the console frame or in a rack. The meters complete the basic meters and peak/present level indicators that are installed in the input and the master modules.

The high-resolution meters are installed in separate meter frames. The meter frames have the same sizes as the console frames and are also available in a 19" version, a double-wide, and a triple-wide version. The number of compartments is identical to the console frames. Using these meter frame makes it possible to add mono or stereo meters to each channels and to the master section as well.

The LED PPM's are available as single slot versions and as 4 channel versions in mono and stereo as well. The 4 channel versions are less expensive than the single slot versions. In addition there is a quad active VU meter, that can be used alternatively.

Quad Stereo LED PPM TM484 Quad Stereo LED PPM TM488

The images show the quad mono LED PPM TM484 and the quad stereo LED PPM TM488.

The meters are connected to the console frame using 9-pin D-sub cables for each channel. The meter send connectors are always installed in the console. The input connectors are directly on the pcb's of the meter modules. The meter power supply is included with the console power supply unit. It is connected to the first meter in a meter frame and daisy-chained from meter to meter.

All input modules have two meter sends that can be configured on the module pcbs. Mono and inline modules can drive to meters. Meter 1 reads the d/a output while meter 2 reads the channel output. This default configuration can be changed by jumpers on the module. The possible configurations are described in detail on the module pages. It's up to you to use mono or stereo meters for mono and inline channels.

In addition, the master module and the conrol room monitor module provide outputs for external stereo meters that read the mix master output and the control room source. An additional meter that reads the PFL master is possible as well. Alternatively, the control room meter can be switched to PFL automatically.

Here is an overview on the meter modules with links to the module pages:

Single Meters vs Quad Meters
Single meters are best suited if only particular channels need to have the high-resolution meters installed. The stereo version TM482 is the best choice for master and control meters. The quad versions are less expensive than the single slot versions, since many circuits of the meter are not necessary per channel but per module with any number of meters.

Meter Frames
The meter frame are available at low prices, since the entire meter system is designed in a way that is does not require wiring, pcb's, and connector panels in the frame. All meters have matching connectors for the audio inputs installed directly on the pcb. The power supply is daisy chained from meter to meter.

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Single Channel LED-PPM:
TM481 - mono
TM482 - stereo
Mono LED PPM TM481 Stereo LED PPM TM482 
Quad VU Meter TM485
Quad VU Meter TM485
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A console metering that is not only a useless toy needs to cover an appropriate level range that includes the high input and output levels of the a/d and d/a converters and also the low level range down to approximately - 40 dB. It has to be fast enough to display peaks that can cause distortion. The resolution has to be appropriate for the use in a console. Such a meter is a piece of equipment that will add considerable cost to the entire console when included in the basic system. Among others, the metering is one the items that result in the high basic price of a conventional large format console. Since the ToolMod Console is a modular system, we have not integrated high-resolution meters in the basisc mixer. The input modules come with peak-present indicators that are sufficient to determine the level range at the fader input and the master and monitor modules have a basic peak meters, that will cover the needs of many users. However, it is possible to add a professional metering to the ToolMod console, using a range of LED PPM's or VU meters