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Mono VCA Fader Module

The separate fader modules of the ToolMod Console allow configuring consoles with audio faders and consoles with vca faders using the same input modules. It is also possible to upgrade a console with automation features, just by replacing the fader modules.

The TM455 is the vca fader module that can be used with the mono input module TM401 and the inline module TM402 alternatively to the audio fader module TM451.

The TM455 VCA Fader combines a high quality, conductive plastic, vca-law fader with 100 mm stroke and a large format, illuminated cut switch. The maximum gain of the active fader that includes vca, output amplifier, and the mute circuitry is 12 dB.

The automation interface works with adt-audio's CAS console automation system as well as with Optifile systems.

A Write switch, a Write control led, and an ISO switch with led control the automation interface. The write switch toggles the write state of the computer directly on the fader. The write led indicates if the particular fader is in write mode or not. The ISO switch isolates the fader from the computer control and forces it to manual operation. This feature is helpful if you just need to check some changes, without making new mix versions.

VCA Group Select

The group select allows the selection of 4 VCA group masters. This function does not require the automation system. The hardware vca groups operate, if one of the vca group master modules is installed in the console.

The vca group master module is available in two different versions. The TM461 is the non-automated version; the TM462 includes automation interfaces also with the vca group masters.

The VCA group functions include fader and mute. A mute of the group master will also mute the slave channels, independent of the fader setting.

Since these vca groups are an independent hardware system, the different vca groups of the automation system are additionally available if the automation system is installed.

The module can be used with the mono input modules TM401 and the inline input modules TM402 instead of the audio fader TM451.

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VCA Fader Module TM455 with automation interface
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