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Control Room Monitor Module

The control room monitor module TM412 combines source selection for the control room speakers, volume and balance regulation, and mono matrix with a stereo meter and an additional headphone amplifier. The module is not mandatory but can be installed in all frames with master section installation.

TM412 Features in Brief

  • Extensive source selection with all groups and auxiliaries, the stereo master and four external stereo sources.
  • LED PPM with 20 led's per channel, follows the source selector
  • Volume and balance control for the control room speakers
  • Phase reverse and left-right reverse switches
  • Mono matrix and dim control
  • automated PFL switching
  • Outputs for 4 stereo speakers
  • Build in headphone amplifier

Source Selector
The source selector uses two independent switch block with auto-release. The left block allows pre-selecting the 16 groups of the ToolMod Console system in stereo pairs. The GROUPS switch in den switch block on the right side of the module selects the output of the group selector.

The auxiliaries AUX1 to AUX6 are available on 3 switches as stereo pairs. An additional switch allows the selection of the stereo cue send.

The MIX switch overrides all other selections and assigns the control room systems to the main stereo master output.

Four external stereo sources can be connected to a 25-pin D-Sub connector. These sources are available on the switches 2TR(ack) 1 to 2TR 4. The external inputs are balanced.

Meter Section
The LED PPM with 20 led's per channel allows direct level control in a sufficient level range from + 18 dB to - 39 dB. Outputs for external high-resolution meters are existing as well.

The meter reads the output of the control room selector. Automated switching to the calibrated pfl bus amp is possible, depending on the setting of internal jumpers.

There are independent pfl relays and jumpers for the internal and the external meters. If external meters are installed, the internal meters can also be configured to read pfl permanently.

Control Room Regulators and Switches
In addition to the volume control, a stereo balance control that allows shifting the speaker center and cutting off the left or right channel, when the pot is set all to the right or all to the left are existing. The L-R switches reverses the two stereo channels and the Ø switch reverses the phase of the right channel.

The mono matrix can operate with 3 dB or 6 dB attenuation, depending on the setting of internal jumpers. With the default configuration, mono is routed to both stereo speakers. By removing bridges on the pcb, mono can also be routed to the left or right channel only.

The DIM switch activates an attenuation of 12 dB, which is a sufficient value when 2-way communications with the studio takes place. 20 dB attenuation is possible as well. Dim is automatically activated on Talkback.

Of course, all these functions only affect the control room.

The output of the PFL master amplifier that is installed in the master module is also available in the monitor module. The default configuration switches the control room speakers to pfl, when one or more pfl switches in the console are pressed. PFL-OFF disabled this function. If the meter is switched to pfl or not, depends on the setting of a jumper.

The PFL POT makes possible to adapt the pfl level, which is usually higher than the master output level. The pot affects only the pfl to speaker routing. The meter reads always the calibrated pfl level.

Speaker Outputs
Four stereo speakers can be installed in parallel. A switch block with auto-release allows the selection of each of the four speaker pairs. An additional switch in this block mutes all speakers at a time. It is possible to override the auto-release by pressing more than one button at a time. Several speakers can be active in parallel. The speaker outputs are electronically balanced and can handle levels of + 30 dBu.

Headphone Amplifier
The headphone amplifier has its own volume control, pfl enable switch and mono matrix. The input of the headphone amp is driven from the source selector. The mono matrix can be set to 6 dB or 3 dB attenuation by a jumper. Balance control, L-R switch and phase reversal do not affect the headphone amp. The PFL switch enables automated switching of the pfl signal, if one or more pfl switches in the console are pressed. The level of the pfl signal is controlled by the pfl pot.

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Monitor Module TM412


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The technology of the modular analog ToolMod Mixing Console by adt-audio comes directly from our large format consoles. There is no difference as far as sound performance and technical specifications are concerned. Only the mechanical format is different.

30 years of experience in the design and construction of very high quality, professional audio equipment and analog audio mixing consoles went into adt-audio's range of pro audio equipment. It is easy to comprehend that each single section has been improved and optimized many times over the years. Permanent development and improvement result in a superior level of performance for all our equipment.