ToolMod analog Mixing Console
Connector Panels

The master connector panel is installed in all master- or stand-alone ToolMod mixing console frames. The master section is always installed on the right side of the frame. The master connector panel includes all audio connectors of the master section and the power supply connectors. Extension frames that only hold input modules do not require this panel. The power supply for the extension frames is connected together with the bus rails when the frame is linked to the master frame.

The outputs of the main stereo master 'Mix' are available on male XLR connectors. In addition there are seven 25-pin D-Subs.

This connector combines the outputs of the 6 mono auxiliaries and the stereo cue send.

Master Connector Panel

In addition to the stereo insert and output of the master module, this connector includes the pfl output for external use.

The four stereo outputs for control room speakers are available on this connector. This connector is only functional if the optional control room monitor module TM412 is installed. If the module is not installed, the inputs and outputs of an input module that is installed in this compartment of the frame are available here.

The four stereo inputs of the control room source selector in the optional control room master module TM412. This connector is only functional if the control room modul is installed.

The outputs of the optional playback and talkback module TM414. If the module is not installed, the inputs and outputs of an input module, installed in this compartment are available here.

The Console connector allows using the Master and Monitor Controller ToolMst together with the ToolMod mixing console. It contains all necessary signals for the interconnection with the correspoinding connector of the ToolMst. Proper operation requires that all jumpers in the ToolMst are set accordingly.

If the optional ToolMix Port is installed in master module TM411, this connector can be used to link 1U high ToolMix summing boxes in slave mode to the ToolMod console. The connector is fully compatible with the ToolMix devices.

Power Supply
The power supply is a 12-pin 'Siemens' multipin, matching to the connectors of the power supply units of the ToolMod console and the V700/Integrator power supply units, which can be used with ToolMod consoles as well. The two 5-pin female xlr connectors are used as outputs for ToolMod frames or other Tool devices that can be supplied from the console power supply.

Please note, that the power supply unit must have a sufficient capacity for the number of channels AND the external ToolMod devices. If you're in doubt, please ask.

The two 9-pin D-subs are used for the master section meters that can be installed in the meter frame, which is available as an option. Up to three stereo LED PPM's can be installed above the master section. The output of the stereo master, the pfl-output and the control room source signal are available.

Ground Terminal
The ground terminal is directly connected to the internal audio ground of the console and can be used to integrate the console in the grounding system of the studio installation.

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