Mixing Console


A range of accessories, blind panels, power cables, and more can be used to complete a console or adapt a system to your needs.

Accessories for ToolMod Pro Audio System are here

Blind panels

Blind panels are available for the module compartments, the fader bay, the connector panel, and the meter frames.

TMC-BPC Module Blind Panel, single Slot, with stabilisation Bar € 32.00
TMC-BPF Fader Blind Panel, single Slot € 12.00
TM-CCB1 Blind Panel, single slot
Covers unused slots in the connector bay, powder coated
€ 12.00
TM-CCB4 Blind Panel, 4 slots
Covers unused slots in the connector bay, powder coated
€ 32.00
TM-CMB1 Meter Bilndpanel (powder coated, 1 slot ) € 12.00
TM-CMB4 Meter Blindpanel (powder coated, 4 slot ) € 32.00


Standard cables for connecting meters to the frame and power supply cables are available.

TMCCab30 Power Supply Cable, 10 m / 30 ft., 12-pin 'Siemens' € 135.00 
TMCCab15 Power Supply Cable, 5 m / 15 ft., 12-pin 'Siemens' € 105.00 
TMCCab10 Power Supply Cable, 3 m / 10 ft., 12-pin 'Siemens' € 85.00 
TM-MCAB Meter Cable (channel to meter / 5 ft) € 5.00 

Audio Cables and Multicores are available on request. Since most audio cables have to be manufactured according to your specifications, it makes no sense to keep stock of all common configurations of single and multicore cables. Please, tell us what you need; specify the connector types and the cable length, and we come back to you with a quote for exactly these cables. The lead time for cable is 5 to 10 days.

Cables for connecting the console with ToolMod frames are also available from us. Length and versions depend on the arrangement; like above, please, tell us what you need.


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