Stem Mixing is becoming more and more important. With stem mixing, many of the common problems of stereo mastering simply dissappear since the mastering engineer can process separate stereo groups instead of the final mix. V700 offers a range of mixing modules for stem mixing that include all features that are necessary for all aspects of this principle. V700 stem mixing modules are free from colorization and can process + 30 dBu throughout the mixers. Stereo and 5.1 surround versions with any number of channels in standard and custom frames are possible.

Stem Mixing Console
Stereo Input ModuleThe image shows a 6U high 19" stem mixing frame with 5.1 surround master and 8 input modules. The number of channels, the size and the version of the frame is not fixed in any way. The frames can be adapted to your needs.

V700 stem mixing consoles include mono and stereo auxiliaries, 6 sub groups, and switched inserts in the mono and stereo modules. Each module can be used as input or subgroup master alternatively.
Here is an overview on the Stem Mixing Modules

Stereo, mono, and 5.1 input modules, and stereo and 5.1 surround master modules are available. Stereo and mono input modules are possible with stereo or 5.1 panoramic sections. In spite of the rich feature set and the highest level of audio performance, the entire stem mixing system is very compact. The modules have the same width as the other V700 devices and fit into 6U. The small size makes it possible to integrate a stem mixing console into the exisiting work space.

The Features:

  • Stereo and mono input modules for stereo consoles
  • Stereo, mono, and 5.1 input modules for surround consoles
  • 3 mono aux sends
  • 2 stereo aux sends
  • 6 sub groups, for 6 mono groups, 3 stereo groups, or 1 5.1 surround group
  • Each input module can be used as sub group. The allocation of the groups is not depending on the frame and takes place by jumper settings in the modules
  • Independent PFL and Solo In Place.
  • Additional Stereo Return Input in the master modules
  • Master Insert pre master fader.

Stereo Input ModulePerformance
The audio path has been optimized to preserve the original audio signal in the best possible way. It is free from colorization; components that would cause a typical sound have been left out, and the audio path is as short as even possible. The stem mixing modules do not use any FET switching or other principles that could affect the audio signal in any way; only gold plated swtiches and relays are used. The headroom is + 30 dBu throughout the entire console and the dynamic range of a line input to output chain is better than 125 dB RMS at 0 dB gain. The entire system has a flat frequency response and phase response to maintain the original sound; the power bandwidth of more than 125 kHz for full output levels results in ultimate transient performance.

Even though audio performance of the main signal chain is the most important issue for stem mixing, the V700 stem mixers add many usefult features. Four to eight stereo channels will cover the needs of such a system; nevertheless, any number of input channels and any combination of mono and stereo input modules is possible.

Stereo and 5.1 Surround
The surround versions of the input modules need a surround master module to be fully functional but can be used with a stereo master as well. A central MODE STEREO status system, controlled by a single switch in the master module, allows to change the output format fast and easy with no need to considering the positions of the surround panoramic controls. In stereo mode, only the LCR pans are active and work just like conventional stereo pan-pots or balance controls.

All inputs and outputs of the stem mixing modules are electronically balance to avoid any additional colorization of transformers. However, transformer balanced inputs and/or outputs are available on request. Due the lack of space for large format, high quality transformers in the ultra compact modules, transformers are mounted in the frame or in separate housings.

Even though we offer standard 6U high rack-mounted frames, custom build configuration is actually the standard. The V700 stem mixing modules are only 120 mm deep, which makes possible to install a system in an exisiting table or console. For most of the mastering studios, stem mixing has to be integrated into the existing workspace without reorganizing the entire system with high effort. This is possible with the V700 system, due the very compact format. A system with 4 stereo channels and the master needs only 270 mm x 270 mm (11" x 11"); and the depth below the faceplate including the frame wiring can be less then 175 mm / 7", if the connectors are mounted externally.

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Surround Master Module

Surround Master Module

Rear View of a V700 Mounting FrameThe image to the right shows a custom build version with 17 channels and surround master for the installation in an exisiting console.

Power Suppy
The stem mixing console use the same power supply as the other V700 modules. STem mixing with only some channels can be supplied from an existing V700 mastering system.

The V700 range of modules includes also equalizers and dynamics processors that are well adapted to the need of subgroup processing with stem mixing. Here are only two examples for Equalization and Dynamics Processing for this purpose.


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Surround Input Module

Surround Input Module