Automated Mixing Console 5MT - D
The 5MT Input Modules and Master Sections
5MT - Series D - the automated Mixing Console

The 5MT-D set of design features and layout make it a prime choice for music production. It combines the advanced technology and ergonomics that are needed for music production today and it was designed for Engineers, Producers and Musicians who require an high performance audio recording system, that displays high sonic quality and user friendliness. The 5MT-D console was designed from the beginning to provide the dual benefit of full 5.1 surround architecture and the sonically transparency. High quality audio needed for high-resolution formats is a matter course for the adt-audio 5MT-D. This Mixing Console provides the ultimate solution for the many varied requirements of a modern audio facility.

automated Mixing Console 5MT-D
D-Series input modules
IO5-D/c - Module Page IO5-D/c 
Inline module with 5 band split EQ and compressor/expander, 2 automated faders
like IO5-D/c but 5.1 panoramic section
Stereo module with 5 band EQ, compressor/expander, M/S direction mixer
like IO5-D/s but 5.1 panoramic section
Mono split module with 5 band EQ
like IO5-D/p but 5.1 panoramic section
IO5-D/e - Module Page IO5-D/e 
Economy inline module with 2 EQ's
like IO5-D/e but 5.1 panoramic section

Master Sections
All master sections of the 5MT system can be used in D-Series automated consoles
E2-MST , S-MST  and AT-MST 
are master blocks for stereo versions while the
S6-Master and ATD-Master
are used for 5.1 versions
Master Section Main Page 

10 sends are available in the system. A stereo cue send and 6 mono aus sends are extended by a dual extention system, that generates two additional sends from every channel through the routing system. With inline input modules, every audio chain of the module can be fed to each of the sends separately. The second fader of an inline input module can be used as a send master, so the sends can be indirectly automated. The two available sends can be used in stereo mode or as two mono sends.

Console Automation
The main fader of all modules and the second and main faders of inline modules are automated. All faders are fitted with a LED chain that indicates the real VCA position.
The automation computer system CAS/CRS make possible the automation of up to 256 faders. The resolution of 10 bits is dB linear and reproduces the fader value with an accuracy of 0.1 dB. The time accuracy can be up to 1/4 frame.
The computer operation takes place by a keyboard that is mounted in the master section of the automated mixing console. In addition to the LED chains near the faders there is a color monitor.
Console Automation CAS Main Page  
5 Band Equalizer
Our equalizers are designed using the principle of the Vienna Robinson's bridge. The tonal qualities are beyond words. Needless to say, it offers huge tone shaping possibilities. A 5 band EQ with 3 fully parametric mid bands and high and low shelving bands is availbale on all input channel versions of the D series. In the inline versions it is implemented as a split EQ.
MS Direction Mixer in Stereo Modules
Elliptical Equalizer and MS-direction mixer

The stereo input modules of the 5MT-D are fitted out with an elliptic EQ to improve the mono compatibili ty of stereo signals. The MS direction mixer makes it possible to increase the stereo base width up to 300 %. The input can be switched to MS mode. In addition, the ADD CENTER function can be used to add or subtract the mono content of the signal.


The channel modules IO5-D/c, IO5-D/p and IO5D/s have a built in compressor and expander, that can be inserted pre or post EQ. Like the equalizer, the fully featured compressor with gain reduction meter offers huge tone shaping possibilities. Variable threshold, attack and release controls provide unlimited creative control. From subtle gain reduction to aggressive signal squashing while always remaining smooth. The expander accurately and effectively performs smooth downward expansion below the set threshold. With an autogain function that uses the attack and release information from the compressor, you just set it and forget it.

5·1 Panoramic Section

All 5.1 modules have a special panoramic section. The LCR pan controls in parallel the LCR channels and the surround channels LS and RS. The front-surround pan regulates the front channels against the return channels. The divergence fader increases or decreases the width in the front channels and a separate fader is used to control the LFE channel.

Dynamic Section
Surround panoramic Section
detailed View

There are no standard frame sizes as all systems are built according to the needs of the user. There is almost no limit to the amount of channels that can be accomodated in the system. The patch bay can be installed on the left or right side of the frame. Options such as monitor stands on the meter bridge or build in keyboards are possibible.