Power Supply Unit for Audio Modules
V700 and Integrator

V700 and Integrator audio modules use the same power supply units. Combined systems out of both series does not require and additional power supply. All the power supply units of the IN series can also be used ToolMod pro audio modules, ToolMix analog summing boxes and other 1U high Tool devices, just by an adaptor cable.

The power supply units differ in capacity and size. The table top version IN1 and the rack-mount versions IN3 and IN4 are suited for common stereo mastering systems and front ends. Versions with higher capacity are also available. In addition, the high power units of the large format consoles 5MT and SRC51 can also be used with the module systems.

Power Supply Unit IN3

The IN3 is the standard power supply unit of V700 and Integrator as well. Its capacity is sufficient for an extensive V700 mastering setup as well as for any front-end combination. The IN3 delivers a permanent output current of 3 amps on the audio supply voltages und 2 additionals amps on the entirely separated relay and lamps supply voltage. The power supply unit is designed for high peak output currents, far above the permanent current, which results in best possible transient response when loading the audio outputs with low impedances that cause high supply current. The output current can be doubled for a short period. The IN3 is a 2U high 19" unit. ist das Standard Netzgerät für beide Serien. Seine Kapazität ist für ein umfangreiches Stereo Mastering auf V700 Basis, wie auch für Front-End Kombinationen ausreichend. Das IN3 liefert einen Dauerstrom von 3 Ampere für die Audio-Versorgung und zusätzlich 2 Ampere für den Relais-Stromkreis. Das Netzgerät ist so ausgelegt, dass die bei niederohmigen Abschlußwiderständen der V700 Ausgänge bei Signalspitzen mit hohen Pegel nahe der Übersteuerungsgrenze auftretenden Stromspitzen sicher abgedeckt werden. Der Ausgangsstrom der Audio-Versorgungsspannungen kann kurzeitig bis auf den doppelten Nennstrom ansteigen. Das IN3 ist als 19-Zoll Einschub mit 2 Höheneinheiten ausgeführt.
Rückansicht des Netzgeräte IN3Both, 48 V phantom power (0.1 amps= and logic supply voltage (2 amps). are installed.

Power Supply Unit IN4

With an extensive arrangement of modules and several frames with many stereo devices, the IN4 is an alternative to the IN3. It offers a higher output current of 5 amps on the audio supplies and can deliver a peak current of up to 10 amps. The relay supply has a capacity of 3 amps. The IN4 is a 3U high 19" unit. Of course there is also a 48 volt phantom power with a capacity of 0.1 amps and a locgic supply voltage with a capacity of 3 amps.

Power Supply Unit IN5

Just like the IN4, the IN5 offers more output current. The maximum current of this 4U high 19" unit is 7.5 amps on the audio supplies. The peak current is 15 amps. Also the capacity of the relay supply is adapted. This supply voltage can deliver 5 amps. The capacity of the 48 volt phantom power is 0.2 amps, and the logic power has a capacity of 5 amps.

Power Supply Unit IN1

The IN1 power supply unit is best suited for single V700 modules, CUBE frames with 4 module compartments or 19" frames for Integrator modules. The tabletop unit delivers a constant output current of 1 amps on the audio supply voltage and the relay supply.
Seitenansicht IN1Frontansicht des Netzgerätes IN1

Supply Voltages and Power Supply Connectors

All power supply units for the V700 and Integrator series use a 12-pin 'Siemens' multipin connector, according to DIN41618/41622. The audio supply voltage is +/- 25 V balanced; another 25 V supply is entirely separated from the audio supply. This additional voltage is used for lamps and relays only. In addition there are a 18 V for logic and a 48 V phantom power supply, that is used with microphone preamplifiers only. The logic supply voltage is used in some of the switch and relay modules only.

All output voltages are fully floating and free from ground. The connectiions to ground and the potential equalisation takes place in the module frames. A set of break plugs makes possible to adapt the ground bridges to the actual wiring and grounding principle of the studio.

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